Netflix's Latest Film Debut Marks It As One Of The Streamer's Highest-Rated Originals Of All Time On Rotten Tomatoes

 The Netflix red N with red and purple lines on the left and right of it.
The Netflix red N with red and purple lines on the left and right of it.

It’s Glen Powell summer, and Hit Man has helped prove that point. The Richard Linklater comedy starring the Top Gun: Maverick actor made its streaming debut on the 2024 movie schedule on June 7, and now it’s become one of Netflix’s highest-rated originals on Rotten Tomatoes.

In the weeks leading up to Hit Man’s premiere on Netflix’s release schedule, it had a limited theatrical run (Linklater and Powell’s movie should have been on the big screen longer, in my humble opinion) and it quickly garnered high praise. When it came to Hit Man reviews, critics were on the same page, and that’s shown on Rotten Tomatoes too, as the film has become one of the streamer’s highest-rated originals. For context, as of June 8, 2024, here’s the list of the top ten movies on Netflix according to the Tomatometer:

  1. His House – 100%

  2. Miss Juneteenth – 99%

  3. The Forty-Year-Old Version – 99%

  4. Under The Shadow – 99%

  5. Godzilla Minus One – 98%

  6. Hit Man – 97%

  7. Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom – 97%

  8. Dolemite Is My Name – 97%

  9. Hunt for the Wilderpeople – 97%

  10. Mudbound – 97%

First of all, the fact that Hit Man is No. 6 right out of the gate, and it’s sitting at 97% on the Tomatometer with nearly 200 reviews is seriously impressive.

It’s also vital to note that not all the movies in this top ten are Netflix Originals. His House and The Forty-Year-Old Version are the only two projects above Hit Man that are from the streamer. So, in a way, you can also consider the Powell-led movie as the third-best Netflix Original on the platform right now.

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What makes this even cooler is that the project swiftly became one of Netflix’s best movies. However, that shouldn’t really be surprising considering the hype it had leading up to its release on the streamer.

For those who might not know, Hit Man follows Powell’s Gary as he works as a guy who pretends to be a hitman to catch potential killers. Added to that, and without giving the movie away, Gary finds himself in a romantic relationship that complicates everything. It’s a hilarious concept that shows off its leading man’s acting and comedy chops as he transforms from hitman to hitman, and it’s overall a delightful time.

I saw it in theaters, and it was one of my favorite moviegoing experiences of the year. Now, many are probably having a similar experience as they watch the project from the comfort of their homes.

Overall, this movie marks another milestone on Glen Powell’s rise to movie stardom, and it’s well deserved (as shown by its place on this Rotten Tomatoes list). For years now, he’s been making a name for himself, but over the last year he’s really stepped into the roles of leading men, and people have loved it. Just look at the quiet box office success of Anyone But You, the critical acclaim of Hit Man and the hype around his upcoming movie Twisters, and you’ll start to understand why this year has been so astounding for him.

To see what all the hype is about, you can stream Hit Man right now with a Netflix subscription. Then, make sure you catch Glen Powell in his next big movie when Twisters spins into theaters on July 19.