Netflix's London-set superhero show shares first full trailer

tosin cole, supacell teaser trailer
Netflix's London superhero show drops full trailerNetflix

Netflix has released the full trailer for its London-set, Black-led superhero show Supacell.

The show follows a group of five South Londoners who gain special powers and have to deal with how that affects their lives, as well as the fact that they have become targets for a powerful antagonistic entity.

The trailer focuses on Michael, a character played by Doctor Who's Tosin Cole, who is transported in the near future to find out that his partner Dionne is dead. Back in the present day, he must team up with the other four newly-powered individuals in order to save her.

supacell teaser trailer

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Not only do see our protagonists struggling with their powers and everything that comes with them, but also trying to scrape by in current day London, with one character struggling to make ends meet and be a good dad.

Alongside Cole, the show also stars The Responder’s Adelayo Adedayo, Back to Black's Eddie Marsa, Michael Salami, and Travis Jay. Andrew Onwubolu, also known as musician Rapman, created, wrote and directed the project.

supacell official teaser trailer

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Rapman revealed to Netflix when asked about why he wanted to make it: "Growing up in South London, I never really saw anything that made me think, ‘Yeah, this could happen where we're from’. But now, when you watch Supacell, you’re actually gonna think, 'You know what? That probably could happen, you know!’

"I thought Netflix would see the script and feel it's a bit big, 'let’s reign it in', but nah. They [were] the opposite, they let us fly to the sky with it."

He also teased that overarching theme of the series would be "love".

Supacell drops on Netflix on Thursday, June 27.

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