New map shows where UFOs have been spotted near you, as sightings triple

The Buzludzha monument near Kazanluk, Bulgaria looks like a UFO that’s been decaying for centuries, but it’s actually only 36 years old.
The Buzludzha monument near Kazanluk, Bulgaria looks like a UFO that’s been decaying for centuries, but it’s actually only 36 years old.

Have little green men from outer space been taking an increased interest in our planet over the past twelve months?

A new UFO Stalker map on the MUFON website – which hosts thousands upon thousands of sightings from the general public – lets you see UFO sightings near you.

The UFO Stalker map shows off recent sightings in British areas such as Lisburn in Northern Ireland and Aberdeenshire, with the site claiming that sightings are up 12% since 2016.

Earlier this year, authors Cheryl Costa and Linda Miller Costa analysed sightings reported to UFO groups such as Mufon and Nuforc.

And contrary to popular myth, UFO sightings are not dying off – in fact, the opposite is true, at least in North America, where sightings rose to 11,868 nationwide in 2015 from 3,479 in 2001.


Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigations Manual, said, ‘UFO Stalker is a brilliant visual guide to the location of UFO sightings, and shows the sheer scale of this phenomena throughout the country over the last few years.

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‘For UFO researchers it can help them identify UFO hot spots, trends and patterns of activity. This is
useful for those trying to establish if UFOs follow specific flightpaths, particularly for those
who think UFOs are related to geomagnetic and seismic activity.

‘This theory tries to prove that UFOs, especially strange lights or luminous objects, are caused by teutonic strains in the Earth’s crust. The maps could also help show if UFOs follow so-called Ley Lines that criss-cross the planet, or if they cluster around military sites.

‘The downside of such a map is the quality of the sightings in its data base, these should be carefullyfiltered if anyone really wants to establish geomagnetic or other links with UFO activity. Clusters of sightings might for example be caused by increased media activity in an area, or a bright meteor or other mundane phenomena could also trigger a wave of UFO sightings.’

‘Nonetheless, this is a handy way of presenting UFO data and is very helpful in helping pin down the weird things seen in our skies.’