Someone has made a tactical voting guide which could be the only way to beat the Tories

Nick Reilly
Theresa May stunned the country by announcing a snap General Election for June 8 (Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Yesterday, Theresa May stunned the nation by announcing that a general election will be held on June 8 – despite previously claiming that she wouldn’t call for one until 2020.

But as the Conservatives continue to storm ahead of Labour in the polls, talk has turned to the possibilities that could see the Tories slump to an unlikely defeat.

Now, Twitter user Becky S has devised a tactical guide to show how, theoretically, the Tories could be beaten in the polls.

Her spreadsheet is based on Britain’s First Past The Post system – whereby only two parties are likely to stand a chance of winning a particular seat.

Therefore, she’s listed the party that you should vote for in every UK constituency if you’re hoping for a Tory defeat.

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Essentially, she’s suggesting that you should vote for the candidate who is most likely to beat the Conservatives.

It’s a clever idea in theory, but it isn’t always that easy.

Jeremy Corbyn is facing fresh divisions (Picture: PA/Getty)

Take the London constituency of Vauxhall, for instance. Serving Labour MP Kate Hoey voted for Brexit, despite her constituency being 78 percent remain – which could lead to an unlikely surge from the Liberal Democrats.

Another factor could be Labour seats contested by  all new candidates – after three MPs announced that they would not be standing for re-election in June.

Yesterday, Alan Johnson and Tom Blenkinsop announced their intention to resign from their parliamentary seats.

They were joined today by Hartlepool MP Iain Wright, who described his time in parliament as an ‘enormous privilege’.

Britain goes to the polls on June 8.