Newborn Fawn Takes Wobbly First Steps

A newborn fawn taking its first steps was captured on camera in York County, Maine, on May 28.

Video filmed by Colin A Chase shows two fawns in a woodland, with one taking its first steps after being born just moments earlier.

Chase told Storyful that he was kayaking in early morning when he spotted a doe giving birth to a fawn, while another newborn waited by the pair.

Chase recalled the event as “one of the best mornings ever!” Credit: Colin A Chase via Storyful

Video transcript

COLIN CHASE: Doe just gave birth to twins. In fact, her placenta is still hanging out. Unbelievable. Mom's behind that tree right there. You can see it. She's still got gooey stuff hanging out. Incredible.

Sorry, it's shaky. I'll zoom in a little bit. I don't want to get close. I'm actually in a pond in my kayak. This is happening on shore. Beautiful. Oh my goodness.

Mom just going about her business. She's laying down now. She must be tired. Mom just laid down behind that tree.

Wow. I wish I had my big camera. I need to start bringing that when I'm fishing.

I'm going to leave them alone. Beautiful.