Newcastle's ultimate 'guilty' pleasure bar that has TV stars and United players flocking

If there's one bar that you can guarantee everyone will have at least heard of in Newcastle, if not sampled its magic for themselves, it's Cosys. Even TV stars and Premier League footballers can't get enough, with the bar's popularity proved by the fact that it's even had a starring role on a primetime Saturday night TV show.

Right next to the old Chronicle offices in the Groat Market, in the heart of Newcastle city centre, Cosys is in the building once occupied by legendary Newcastle nightspot Macey's and, more recently Rewind, which was as big hit with revellers in the 00s. The latter even had a pole in its upstairs bar, and, while Cosys doesn't have that, what it does have is a top floor that is is always jam packed with would be Tina Turners and Robbie Williams, as well as boasting a host of private karaoke pods, which can be booked out if you don't feel like your vocals are quite fit for public consumption.

As recent as a few years ago, it would be fair to share that many people might have been afraid to admit that Cosy Joes was their favourite bar in town, with some drinkers looking down their noses at the party palace, despite it being pretty much full to the brim every single weekend. But, you only need to look around the place on any given night - it's open seven days a week! - to see that anyone and everyone who does set foot through Cosy's doors ends up having a total ball.

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And you cam add comedian, stage performer and TV host Jason Manford to that list as; after he performed a gig at the City Hall on St Patrick's Day a few years ago, Jason hot footed it to Cosys to join the Paddy's night party. Sticking with comedians, Michael McIntyre turned the primetime spotlight on Cosy Joes back in 2018, when unsuspecting Kylie Minogue fans ended up being judged by the pop icon herself as they belted out her songs in the upstairs bar, in front of millions of viewers at home.

Jason Manford at Cosy Joes in Newcastle
Jason Manford at Cosy Joes in Newcastle -Credit:Facebook/Cosy Joes
Kieran Trippier parties at Cosy Joes
Kieran Trippier parties at Cosy Joes -Credit:Lewis Thompson

From the TV screen to the football pitch; after they clinched a Champions League place last year, Newcastle United stars Kieran Trippier and Matty Targett were snapped with fans two nights in a row, as they celebrated the return of European football to St James' Park.

So basically, whether you're downstairs, enjoying the likes of Love Really Hurts Without You or I Wanna Dance With Somebody being played by DJ Phillie or upstairs waiting for Gazza to call your name on the karaoke, you never know who you might bump into at Cosys!