CBS Deny Editing Out Gay Kisses During Macklemore's Grammy Mass-Wedding

CBS has denied accusations that they intentionally avoided showing homosexual couples kissing,  when 33 couples got married during Macklemore, Madonna and Queen Latifah's performance at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night.

The American television network has reacted to the suggestions made by critics and defended their "groundbreaking"  decision to allow a mixture of couples, both same sex and heterosexual couples marry during the ceremony.

In a statement written to Buzzfeed, Phil Gonzales, senior vice president of communications said: "It was a groundbreaking and inclusive moment on television and for all who were in the room last night. It’s hard to believe that this is BuzzFeed’s takeaway from this event."

When asked if there was a decision , if any, to edit out the kisses, he simply replied: "No there wasn’t."

CBS Deny Editing Out Gay Kisses During Macklemore's Grammy Mass-Wedding

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' track 'Same love' promotes equal rights for homosexual couples (FayesVision/WENN)

During the spectacular performance of  Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' thought provoking hit song ,'Same Love' Queen Latifah and the Queen of Pop, Madonna joined the rap duo on stage to spread the message of equality while dozens of couples tied the knot.

As the cameras flicked back and forth between the wedding ceremonies and the performance, some viewers took to Twitter to express their disappointment after none of the couple's were shown sharing a matrimonial kiss.

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