Katy Perry demands vegetarian food

Katy Perry demands vegetarian food

Katy Perry's rider is a lot less about having champagne and kittens backstage, instead she asks for organic fruit and vegetables.

The Roar singer performed at a New Year's Eve concert in Las Vegas and TMZ.com managed to get hold of the list of demands her team handed to the gig's organisers.

But while the staff at Caesar's Palace might be used to diva's wanting only blue M&Ms or completely white dressing rooms, Katy outed herself as a seriously healthy superstar.

Her backstage catering list called for there to be fresh veg available at all times, for there to be two baskets of fruit, and for there to be a vegetarian option at dinner.

And in the dressing room she wanted even more fresh produce, including organic fruit, granola, freshly made guacamole and a large bowl of hummus with crudités of cucumber, broccoli, carrots and celery.

However, she did also ask for three bottles of wine. It was a New Year party, after all!

Katy has previously given an insight into her lifestyle when she said that at home with boyfriend John Mayer the pair sometimes do not speak for days at a time in order to preserve their voices.