Jamie Oliver infuriates viewers with ‘indefensible’ Christmas sandwich

The TV chef made a festive snack in Jamie's Christmas Shortcuts that was not a crowd pleaser.

Jamie Oliver's Christmas sandwich split opinion. (Channel 4)
Jamie Oliver's Christmas sandwich split opinion. (Channel 4)

What did you miss?

Jamie Oliver has offered a controversial Christmas recipe with a sandwich featuring gravy mayonnaise that viewers have described as "fresh hell".

The TV chef has a new Channel 4 show, Jamie's Christmas Shortcuts, but not every recipe included looks set to become a festive classic as viewers were divided over the mayo that even Oliver described as "so right, but wrong".

What, how, and why?

Many a Jamie Oliver recipe has become a hit with his fans over the years, thanks to his easy-to-follow instructions and big flavours. But Oliver has split the crowd with his latest invention, a take on a Christmas leftovers sandwich that saw viewers complaining that it made them "want to vomit".

Jamie Oliver added gravy to mayonnaise. (Channel 4)
Jamie Oliver added gravy to mayonnaise. (Channel 4)

In his latest Channel 4 cookery show Jamie's Christmas Shortcuts, Oliver shared his ideas for a festive take on the Italian stuffed sandwich muffuletta on Monday night. The muffuletta traditionally involves lots of layers, one of which involved Oliver pouring some congealed gravy into a bowl of mayonnaise.

He tried to convince viewers, saying: "Often, you'd see different kinds of mayonnaises or aiolis as a layer on a muffuleta. I'm going to make some leftover gravy mayonnaise, and I can only promise you this is a thing of beauty. "Gravy mayonnaise. It's so right, but wrong. It's so good."

One viewer began the show with a sense of foreboding as they commented on X: "Just seen Jamie Oliver promise to turn the concept of gravy on its head. This better be good." Another outraged viewer added: "I've defended Jamie Oliver for 25 years. I can't defend gravy mayonnaise. Sorry."

Many viewers struggled with the idea of gravy mayo as one person commented: "I try most things, but no f***ing way am I trying gravy mixed with mayonnaise". Someone else added: "Gravy mayo. Gravy mayo.... What in the fresh hell is this? No... noooo ... surely not - now cannot just leave the gravy and will be left intrigued and mixing it with mayo after Christmas. What have you done!!!!"

Another person wrote: "He made gravy mayo which is making me want to vomit." One slightly less horrified viewer admitted: "Gravy and mayonnaise @jamieoliver are you sure? Did I hear that right? I’ll give it a go."

What other controversial recipes has Jamie Oliver shared?

This isn't the first time Oliver's take on dishes from other cuisines has prompted a strong reaction. Back in 2016, the celebrity chef hit headlines for a faux pas in his paella recipe, where he decided to include chorizo - a big no no as far as classic versions of the dish go.

Comments on his take on paella included claiming that adding chorizo should be an offence, and telling him that it could not be labelled paella but should simply be called "rice with stuff". His recent recipe for chilli on One Pound Wonders also caused controversy when he microwaved it with no lid on for 40 minutes.

Jamie's Christmas Shortcuts is available to stream on Channel 4.

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