How to apply for The Traitors series 3

When does filming for The Traitors series 3 start?

Claudia Winkleman fronts The Traitors. (Studio Lambert)
Claudia Winkleman fronts The Traitors. (Studio Lambert)

Do you think you have what it takes to play the third series of The Traitors? Ahead of the final this week, applications have opened for the third series of the reality series.

There have been two series in the UK so far, with Claudia Winkleman at the helm as the show's host. Following the great success, TV bosses are now on the lookout for the contestants for the third series so they can film later this year.

TV bosses detailed exactly what they are looking for in the next 22 contestants to take on the most-talked about murder mystery game on TV. "The Traitors is a competition series built on strategy and suspicion, filmed in the Scottish Highlands," the advert said.

"We are looking for fun, smart and strategic players to take part in the ultimate game of trust and treachery." Potential candidates who have set their sights on taking part on The Traitors are told to "expect trickery, betrayal and backstabbing".

Of course, anyone who has watched the show will expect twists and turns and shocks and surprises for everyone involved in the game. But do you have what it takes? We take a look at the application process for The Traitors...

How can I apply to The Traitors?

The Traitors series two cast
Do you have what it takes to star on The Traitors? (Studio Lambert)

You need to register with your email - sharing details about yourself including your name, date of birth, occupation and more. Once you have filled out more personal details, you must complete an application form made up of 12 questions which would be revealing of your character traits. It is required that those applying must be at least 18 years old and legally reside in the UK.

What are The Traitors series three application questions?

The questions try to get to the heart of who you are as a person and how you would plan to play the game. The application opens with the candidate offered the chance to talk about themselves in a maximum 1000 characters.

Then they are asked the following questions:

  • Have you watched The Traitors? If so, what did you think of previous players games?

  • If given the choice, would you choose to be a ‘Traitor’ or a ‘Faithful’? Why?

  • What would be your strategy to win?

  • What is the best lie you have ever told? Did you get away with it?

  • Are you good at keeping secrets - what is the biggest one you’ve kept?

  • Are you more likely to make a decision based on your head or heart? Why?

  • What has been the most significant moment in your life so far and how has it shaped you as a person?

  • How would the people closest to you describe you?

  • What are you most passionate about in life? Why?

  • Why should you be picked to play The Traitors?

  • If you were to win, what would you do with the prize money?

Applicants must also film a one minute video that introduces themselves, outlines their game plan for the show and why they want to take part on The Traitors. Plus, candidates must share at least two recent photographs of themselves with the application.

When will The Traitors series three be filmed?

The Traitors series three will be filmed at Ardross Castle, in the Scottish Highlands. (Studio Lambert)
The Traitors series three will be filmed at Ardross Castle, in the Scottish Highlands. (Studio Lambert)

Filming for the third series will take part in spring or summer this year. When applying, you must be able to commit to filming for up to four weeks. Cameras will be rolling at Ardross Castle, the same place where the first two UK series were filmed in Fife, the Scottish Highlands.

When do applications to The Traitors close?

There are two weeks left of applications for The Traitors. You will be able to apply for The Traitors from now until February 11 2024. However, the closing date may be extended or closed without notice. So if you are keen to take part in the next series, apply here.

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