Where is The Traitors filmed and can you stay there?

The series is shot at a 19th century castle

The Traitors castle is in Scotland. (Peacock via Getty Images)

The Traitors has taken us all by storm, thanks to its gripping game play and all the twists and turns.

The BBC show has been a huge hit in the UK, with the final episode of season 2 set to air tonight, and is also making a splash across the pond in the US. But while viewers have been focused on the contestants and host Claudia Winkleman, the stunning location has become a bit of a focal point in its own right.

The programme’s UK and US versions are actually both filmed in the same place, with the American players jetting over to shoot the show.

So where is it? And can we book a stay there?

Where is The Traitors filmed?

The group gathers at Ardross Castle. (BBC)
Ardross Castle also has vast grounds. (BBC)

The Traitors is actually filmed in Ardross Castle, which is in the Scottish highlands. The 19th century Baronial-style castle is located north of Inverness and is not too far from the River Alness.

The current owners bought the estate in 1983 and have worked to restore it to its former glory.

Inside Ardross Castle

The lavish castle provides the perfect backdrop for all the antics on The Traitors, with its plush rooms, dark hallways and elegant furnishings. Rooms that see a lot of the action include the grand breakfast room, and the room where the players gather for their round table.

Former contestant Wilfred 'Wilf' Webster told the Mirror the room has a chilly feel. “It's so weird... it's just a room with a table that is round - I have no idea why it's so intense,” he said.

“I loved the castle, it felt homely, mysterious and dark at times. But that room is just different, it's cold.”

However, the Traitors and Faithfuls don’t actually get to sleep in the castle overnight. Instead they stay at a nearby hotel.

The Daily Beast quoted Alan Cumming, who hosts the US version, as saying: “None of us stayed in the castle. None of us. They all stayed in the airport hotel in the Inverness airport. How glamorous - you come to Scotland, and you stay in the Inverness airport hotel.”

The grounds

As well as its formal garden, the castle has more than 100 acres of parkland. The vast grounds mean it has lots of spots that are perfect for all of the challenges and missions on The Traitors, such as the wooded area where Diane’s funeral recently took place.

The episode, which aired this week, saw the players heading to a wooded copse where coffins awaited them. Three people had to climb in while the contestants voted for who they thought had been killed by drinking from a poisoned chalice, with Diane ‘dying’ when it was revealed that it was her.

Can you stay at The Traitors castle?

Sadly, fans of The Traitors can't splash out on a stay at Ardross Castle as it isn’t a hotel so individual rooms can’t be booked. However, its website says that it is available for private hire and that small groups can be accommodated.

It can also be hired as a wedding venue, and of course as a location for films and TV shows.

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