Meet the full cast of Netflix’s Buying London

The new streaming show is the UK’s answer to Selling Sunset

Buying London stars Lauren, Olivia, Oli, Reme, Daniel, Rosi, Rasa and Julianna
Reality series Buying London is streaming now on Netflix. (Netflix)

No property is too fancy and no price tag is too high for the expert estate agents featured in Buying London, Netflix’s new reality property show.

Buying London is the United Kingdom’s answer to hit American shows of a similar ilk — like Selling Sunset, Selling Tampa and Million Dollar Beach House.

Unfamiliar with these titles? They essentially take viewers inside luxury real estate agencies to chronicle the dramas that come with shifting some of the world’s fanciest properties.

This UK equivalent looks set to transport the same format across the pond, with the show’s official synopsis explaining it will follow the agents at DDRE Global.

Hosted by DDRE boss Daniel Daggers, viewers will watch his agents “set out to conquer the super prime high-end real estate market from the prestigious streets of Mayfair to the exclusive enclaves of Holland Park.” It’ll also take us inside their personal lives as they juggle high-stakes deals with career aspirations.

Who are these agents, you ask? Let’s take a look…

Rosi Walden on Buying London
Rosi describes herself as a ‘competitive’ agent on Buying London. (Netflix)

Rosi describes herself as “outgoing, ambitious, and passionate about property” and readily admits that she spends most of her free time working and expanding the reach of her business goals.

When it comes to drama with her fellow realtors, she says they’re all a bit competitive and compares her relationship with Oli to a sibling rivalry. “Oli is a bit like my work brother,” she says, “we are competitive as hell, but we also have a lot of fun together."

Oli Hamilton on Buying London
Oli calls himself the ‘smooth-talking posho’ on Buying London. (Netflix)

Oli has been described as a “smooth-talking posho” with connections all across London that will no doubt come in handy when trying to shift some of London’s swankiest spaces.

Married but still quite a flirt, he’s known to be able to make awkward situations even more nail-biting — a skill that’ll probably be showcased during his time on the show.

Olivia Wayne on Buying London
Olivia works as a content creator on Buying London. (Netflix)

Olivia is a content creator at DDRE and has been described as sensible and level-headed. She prides herself on her diplomacy skills, making her the perfect person to untangle even the messiest dramas.

A peacemaker, she’s known to dish out advice to all those willing to listen. She’s also one of the classiest members of the team.

Lauren Christy on Buying London
Lauren is close with DDRE business owner Daniel in Buying London. (Netflix)

“I think of myself as being extremely resilient and like to place myself in uncomfortable and challenging situations which has given me a strong sense of self and an air of confidence,” says Lauren, who joins the show as an Estate Agent at DDRE.

Elsewhere, Lauren suggests that she’s probably closest to DDRE business owner Daniel, a relationship that might end up proving useful as the series progresses.

Juliana on Buying London
Juliana works as an interior designer in Buying London. (Netflix)

According to Juliana, she’s the “hottest interior designer in London” and has made it her goal to make all the apartments she works on as fancy as she is.

Despite this posh outlook, Juliana readily admits that she has a bit of a naughty side and isn’t afraid to cut loose. She also wears her heart on her sleeve while hiding a shocking secret relating to a past relationship…

Alex on Buying London
Alex works for a rival agency in Buying London. (Netflix)

Alex is the boss of a rival agency and also someone who has been friends with DDRE’s Daniel for years. However, despite this close relationship, he’s not above doing whatever it takes to steal deals from his long-time pal.

Friend? Foe? Audiences will be able to judge for themselves when the series starts.

Reme Nicole on Buying London
Reme is a ‘happy-go-lucky’ kind of person, but will that help in Buying London? (Netflix)

Estate agent Reme describes herself as “fun, bubbly, hardworking and confident” — and she’s not afraid to aim for the stars when it comes to her career goals.

Having been at the company for four years, she knows the ins and outs of the job pretty well — but will her happy-go-lucky nature be used against her?

Rasa Bagdonaviciute on Buying London
Rasa is trying to find new challenges in Buying London. (Netflix)

Rasa has a hunger for bigger work challenges, admitting that she has “outgrown most of the roles and industries" that she’s worked in so far. That said, she seems to have found the right vocation in real estate and is committed to pushing things as far as she can professionally.

However, while her work ethic is obvious, she also suggests that she may be the most likely to cause drama within the group so watch this space.

Buying London is streaming on Netflix now