Niall Horan talks music, missing his parents and moving to LA

Life is far from ordinary in celebville, but Niall Horan has admitted he rarely sees his mum Maura Gallagher and dad Bobby Horan since he moved to Los Angeles and bought a house.

Niall Horan with One Direction on Jimmy Kimmel Live!: Michael Wright/

The 23-year-old star has moved to America for the time being and says he wouldn’t let his parents come to his luxury abode until he’d finished renovating it.

When asked what role his parents play in his life now, Niall said: “Obviously I don’t get to see them a lot, and I’m away a lot. I’ve got a house here [in LA] and I was doing it up, and I don’t want them to come and see it until it’s finished. It was like, a whole refurb thing that I was doing,” he told 102.5 FM’s Zach Sang And The Gang Show.

Niall Horan with his parents Maura Gallagher and Bobby Horan on his 19th birthday in 2012. (Splash)

And when asked why keeping his parents away from his unfinished home was a “big deal”, the Slow Hands singer added: “It’s a perfectionist thing.

“Until it’s perfect I don’t want anyone coming near it. So they can come over now, that’s your invite. And when I go back I’ll try and get to Ireland and stuff like that.”

The 23-year-old singer has put the finishing touches on his debut solo album, and whilst he has no firm release date as of yet, he believes it should be on shelves later in the year.

Speaking about the music, he said: “There was a lot of 1D stuff I wrote that was along the lines of Fleetwood [Mac], stuff like that, and I hear myself in them songs now sometimes. But this time it’s just completely me, so I get to do what I want when I want, really.”

Needless to say, we can’t wait to hear it.


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