Nicola Coughlan Is Actually Releasing Her Viral ‘Shoes...More Shoes’ Song, And Cynthia Erivo, Jonathan Van Ness And More Had The Best Reactions

 Nicola Coughlan smiling in Season 3 of Bridgerton.
Credit: Netflix

If you are anything like me, you cannot consume enough Bridgerton content. With the release of the (critically mixed) third season on Netflix, there is more than enough footage of Nicola Coughlan and her co-star Luke Newton being so cute together during the press tour. In true Whistledown fashion, one of Coughlan’s answers from an interview went viral. And from that, she is now officially releasing the song "Shoes…More Shoes’" for all "the Ton" to hear, and notable stars like Cynthia Erivo and Jonathan Van Ness are hyping her up.

After Going Viral For Her “Shoes…More Shoes” Song, For What Cause Is Nicola Coughlan Is Releasing Her Song?

In an interview with Hits Radio UK, the on-screen couple affectionately known as ‘Polin’, were asked what their dream jobs outside of acting would be. Nicola Coughlin hilariously responded by saying she would like to make a pop song exclusively for gay men like they do on Real Housewives, where they just list stuff like “shoes, private yachts, caviar, more shoes.” That clip was posted by the outlet's TikTok account account, and it has almost 100K likes. The snippet was remixed by a content music producer, @ellismiah, on the app, and that ALSO went viral. Now, the actress has taken matters into her own hands and announced the official release of "Shoes…More Shoes" in an effort to raise money for The Trevor Project and Not A Phase. Both these organizations offer support to the LGBTQ+ community.

A teaser can be heard on the Derry Girls alum's Instagram, with the caption saying the full track will be coming soon and is available for pre-save. Maybe this song and its campaign will inspire its use in a Bridgerton Season 4 queer storyline. They can make any song instrumental, right? Check out the actress' post below:

But seriously, this is such an iconic move and an amazing example of a celebrity using their platform for good, not because they have to, but because they want to. Nicola Coughlan saw she was going viral and took full advantage of it to benefit others. This development helps to put a sweet stamp on what's been a happy Pride Month. In addition, the Barbie alum looks stunning, as the cover photo for the song is EVERYTHING. But, honestly, Coughlan looks like a princess anyway, so it shouldn't be surprising that she's stepping on our necks yet again.

And perhaps there is more where that came from. After the remixed clip went viral, Hits Radio UK brought back the stars of Season 3 and asked if there was maybe more music in the vault. The Ireland native hinted that some more songs could be on the way and poked fun at her tune's unseriousness. She even jokingly called herself the “John Lennon of West Ireland":

I don't know about you, but I think she should definitely consider making some more tracks. Her current song is great, and I'm not the only one who's digging it.

So Many Celebrities Have The Best Comments About Nicola Coughlan’s New Song

With the announcement of "Shoes…More Shoes," fans flooded Nicola Coughlan’s Instagram comments, but they were not alone. Fan-favorite queer celebrities came to show their support, too, and their reactions did not disappoint. Jonathan Van Ness (@jvn on Instagram) of Queer Eye said what a lot of people were probably thinking:

Okay, we have our playlist for tonite ready.

Wicked's Elphaba herself, Cynthia Erivo (@cynthiaerivo), also had something to say. The actress, who works with Bridgerton star Jonathan Bailey in the big-screen musical, added:

I’m dead, can the bi girls get a piece of this please??

But my personal favorite is from Betty Who (@bettywho), and I hope her sentiment comes true:


Clearly, there are plenty of people who are totally here for the Seize Them! star's vocals. Here are some more of the best and most notable comments hyping up this new banger on Instagram:

  • "I C O N" - @joelocke03

  • "The Lady Whistledown to popstar pipeline is iconic✨" - @bravotv

  • "👀ohh we like this." - @hanes

  • "Oh we are SO up." @most

I love to see the Jonathan Bailey Bridgerton/Heartstopper universe (with a dash of Wicked added in) brought together via Nicola Coughlan's comments section. I think plenty would agree with Jonathan Van Ness that this is absolutely going on summer playlists immediately, and I need more songs from the super niche "Nicola Coughlan pop for gay men" genre ASAP.

For right now though, you can grab a Netflix subscription and stream all three seasons of Bridgerton now. Also, look over the 2024 TV schedule for other small-screen titles.