Will Nicolas Cage Return For National Treasure 3? Here’s What The Director Thinks

 Nicolas Cage in National Treasure.
Nicolas Cage in National Treasure.

If there’s anything more elusive than the MacGuffins presented throughout the National Treasure franchise, it’s the prospects of getting the long-awaited threequel onto the schedule of upcoming Disney movies. Franchise star Nicolas Cage’s remarks on National Treasure 3 share that frustration, even though the brass behind the production seem to be in a more hopeful mindset.

That much is true based on recent remarks from Treasure director Jon Turteltaub, in which he gave his opinion on whether Cage would be present for that potential return. Speaking with the folks at the National Treasure Hunt podcast, Turteltaub helped commemorate the 20th anniversary of this Disney series with some hopeful thinking. In his update on National Treasure 3, the helmer also behind such films as The Meg had this to say:

100%. … We do have to hurry because people are both getting older and less interested and lives are changing and all that. And the world changes. Our culture is changing. A lot. Since the first movie was made. Socially, certainly politically, and definitely, our language, and different cultural changes we’ve had. And you’ve got to make sure you’re in touch with all that and moving with it, and doing things the right way. ... It’s not as easy to just do another one. You’ve got to take a lot into account. I can tell you, 20 years later Justin Bartha is a lot better looking.

Jon Turteltaub does have a point about Justin Bartha, as back in 2004, Riley Poole was sold to us as the geeky assistant who was more bookish than charming. But two decades and a Hangover trilogy later, that image isn’t exactly sticking. Though for the record, Bartha firmly supports Jon Turteltaub and his magic touch with the series. So if his return for the short-lived Disney+ original National Treasure: Edge of History wasn’t enough of a sign that Riley Poole would be back, there’s that to consider.

This line of thinking leads to another huge question, as Nicolas Cage isn’t the only lead who's in question for the next potential chapter. Actor Diane Kruger seems out of the National Treasure 3 loop, as back in 2022, she claimed that she hasn’t been contacted at all to return alongside Cage and Justin Bartha.

As if the changes of the modern world aren’t enough of a challenge that current writer Chris Bremner would have to incorporate into his story, there now seems to be a possibility that we could be two treasure hunters down. On the plus side, those comments about Justin Bartha’s glow-up could mean that Riley becomes the new lead, offering the opportunity to surround him with some new friends with whom to go treasure hunting.

Then again, do you really think a National Treasure 3 is going to get made without at least Nicolas Cage on board? Ponder that question a little longer, as it feels like we aren't going anywhere anytime soon when it comes to this long awaited quest to discover what's on Page 47 of the Book of Secrets.

It’s been 16 years since we’ve seen National Treasure: Book of Secrets, and its mysterious sequel tease in theaters. But thanks to the magic of a Disney+ subscription, both cinematic entries, as well as National Treasure: Edge of History, are available for streaming. So celebrate the 20th anniversary of Benjamin Franklin Gates’ preservation of the Declaration of Independence by stealing some time to decode this classic all over again.