Nigel Farage hails Boris Johnson's plan to outlaw Brexit extension as 'promising news'

George Martin
Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage during a press conference at the Emmanuel Centre in London, while on the General Election campaign trail.
Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage on the general election campaign trail (PA)

Nigel Farage has thrown his weight behind Boris Johnson’s plan to rule out a further Brexit extension.

The Brexit Party leader posted on Twitter hailing the decision as “positive news” after the Prime Minister revealed MPs will vote on the idea on Friday.

“We must leave on time and keep a Clean-Break Brexit on the table,” Mr Farage tweeted. “This is promising news.”

The commitment to leave for good in January 2021 was instrumental in persuading Mr Farage not to stand Brexit Party candidates in Conservative held seats during the general election.

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson gestures as he speaks to supporters on a visit to meet newly elected Conservative party MP for Sedgefield, Paul Howell, at Sedgefield Cricket Club in County Durham, north east England, Saturday Dec. 14, 2019, following his Conservative party's general election victory.  Johnson called on Britons to put years of bitter divisions over the country's EU membership behind them as he vowed to use his resounding election victory to finally deliver Brexit. (Lindsey Parnaby/Pool via AP)
Prime minister Boris Johnson at a post-election campaign rally in Sedgefield (AP)

He wrote in The Daily Telegraph last week: “The truth is that the threat from the Brexit Party, together with the influence of the European Research Group in parliament, has disappeared for the time being.

“Questions over the future shape of Brexit and Britain’s place in the world are now entirely in the hands of Johnson.

“With half of his Cabinet having voted Remain, and substantial global pressures on him, it will be tempting for him to pursue the easy option of a soft Brexit.”


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The former Ukip leader, who did not stand at the general election, added that he thought his work had been completed in June 2016 when 51.8% of voters opted to Leave.

He said: “Having endured three elections in the last 30 months, let us hope the country can look forward to a prolonged period of political stability and certainty.

“Whatever happens over the coming months, I will make sure I am not too far away from the action. The fact is that if Brexit does not ‘get done’, as Johnson has promised repeatedly over the last six weeks, pressure will have to be reapplied.”

After the news broke on Tuesday, opposition parties said Mr Johnson’s move was putting the UK on course for a “cliff-edge” no-deal break with the EU in just 12 months’ time.

Acting Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davey said: “This Tory Government’s reckless approach to Brexit will send the country straight off the no-deal cliff.

“The only way Johnson can meet the December 2020 timetable is by giving up all his previous promises to Leave voters and agreeing to all the demands of the EU.”

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Under current plans, the Government intends to end Britain’s EU membership on January 31, with an implementation to run to the end of 2020 while it negotiates a free trade agreement with Brussels.

The Withdrawal Agreement Bill is due to be brought before the Commons on Friday – and could receive its first reading and be voted on at second reading in one day, if the Speaker agrees.

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