No 2 bus gives new spin on crap service

Photograph: Ben Birchall/PA

I suspect I am the Arts Council employee referred to in Michael Billington’s fascinating reflection on theatre over the years (My 10,000 nights at the theatre, 10 December). However, I fear that I have been misquoted, and I want to reassure him, and your readers, that we plan to continue supporting theatres that both matter to people and stage first-rate work. We wish him many years to come of theatregoing, without the first-night deadlines.
Simon Mellor
Deputy chief executive, arts and culture, Arts Council England

• Emine Saner (The no-flush movement, G2, 9 December) advocates lavatorial recycling. Here in Bristol we already have a bus that is fuelled solely by methane derived from human poo. The route it serves is (of course) the number 2.
John Prescott Thomas

• The apostrophe contagion is spreading to continental Europe. Sign seen in suburban Malaga: Tapa’s Bar (Letters, 9 December).
Joan Friend
Oldham, Greater Manchester

• Tut-tut. The little boy on Monday’s front page holding a, presumably, self-made sign saying “get the Tory’s out” misused an apostrophe. A timely and heartening reminder that, ultimately, it’s the message that counts.
Richard Walker
West Malvern, Worcestershire

• So, if I’ve got Amazon Prime, does this mean I’ll be seen by a GP within 24 hours (Contract gives Amazon access to NHS data, 9 December)?

David Gerrard
Hove, East Sussex

• There will be a full moon on election night. This is also known as the cold moon, or moon of the long night! It will be a long night.
Lesley Bingham

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