‘No One’s Going To Talk That Guy Into Anything’: Yellowstone’s Luke Grimes Reveals How One Of His Own Songs Ended Up On The Show

 Luke Grimes resting his hands on a truck in Yellowstone.
Luke Grimes resting his hands on a truck in Yellowstone.

It’s common knowledge that Taylor Sheridan’s work schedule is intense, and he likes to be in control of just about everything when it comes to making a show like Yellowstone. It turns out, that also means he cares a lot about the music in the show. Now, Luke Grimes, who plays Kayce Dutton in the Yellowstone cast, has opened up about how the creator put one of his songs in the show and how much country music influences the beloved Western.

While we know and love Luke Grimes as Kayce Dutton, he’s also a musician. He released his first album, Luke Grimes, in March of 2024 and he began releasing singles the year before. During that time, he was talking with Yellowstone’s creator Taylor Sheridan about country music and the role it plays in the show. Eventually, this led to one of his songs being featured in the show, and he explained how it all went down to Holler, saying:

Taylor writes to the music, and he is better versed in country and Americana than just about anybody. All the time he's showing me stuff I haven't heard yet, and that's how he writes his show. I think that's why music is such a big part of the heart and soul of Yellowstone.

Country music does play a massive role in Yellowstone. Bands perform on the series frequently, and it’s featured heavily in the soundtrack. Ryan Bingham’s character Walker was created because Sheridan found out the musician/actor had cowboy and rodeo experience while they were talking about using his music in the show. Plus, others in the cast are musically inclined, including Luke Grimes and Kevin Costner.

The Kayce actor went on to explain that at one point, he sent Taylor Sheridan one of his songs, and before he knew it he was signing papers to have his track “No Horse To Ride” featured in the Season 5 mid-season finale “A Knife and No Coin.” Explaining the process, Grimes said:

I don't know if any more of my stuff will be in there. The way it worked last time is I sent him an iPhone work tape of ‘No Horse To Ride’, and he just said, ‘Hey, that's great!’ Then all of a sudden, I was getting a call that I needed to sign something because they were going to put it in the show. No one's going to talk that guy into anything. If he likes it, he likes it. If he doesn't, he doesn't. So, yeah, I hope [my music is in the next season] - I'd love it to be.

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Kayce and Rip in hats on ranch in Yellowstone
Kayce and Rip in hats on ranch in Yellowstone

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As we’ve discussed, Taylor Sheridan is the one calling basically all the shots on the Paramount Western. It’s fascinating to know that that includes the music decisions too, and I love that he enjoys featuring his cast's work.

Along with Luke Grimes' music being used on the show, his co-star Ryan Bingham’s work has also been featured. According to Country Living, the Walker actor has had over ten of his songs in the show throughout its five seasons. Kevin Costner & Modern West’s music has also been utilized a handful of times. So, it seems highly likely that Grimes could have more of his music played in the final episodes of Yellowstone that are set to premiere on the 2024 TV schedule.

If Taylor Sheridan wants more of Luke Grimes’ music in Yellowstone, I’m sure he’ll make it happen. Considering the Kayce actor just released his first full album, it seems probable, and he made it clear that he wants the creator to add more of his work to the soundtrack of the beloved Western.

Sadly, we’ll have to wait a while to see if another one of Grimes’ songs ends up in Yellowstone, because its final episodes are set to come out toward the end of the year. However, if you want to see how the Kayce Dutton actor’s music was used in the show during the first half of Season 5, you can stream the episode “A Knife and No Coin,” along with the entire show, with a Peacock subscription.