'No Return' viewers can't believe Sheridan Smith is in yet another leading role

The cast headed to Spain for filming. (ITV)
It's Sheridan Smith in another TV drama. (ITV)

Another week, another new show starring Sheridan Smith - and viewers have started to claim that she is on TV so much, they see more of her than their own families.

ITV launched No Return on Monday night, an emotional drama about a family holiday to Turkey that goes horribly wrong when the teenage son is accused of an assault at a party and his desperate mum, played by Smith, has to battle against a foreign legal system she doesn't understand.

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Those tuning in enjoyed Smith's performance as a mum living out every parent's worst nightmare, but couldn't believe what a busy start she'd had to 2022 after starring in Channel Five's The Teacher last week, BBC's Four Lives last month, and featuring as a judge in ITV contest Starstruck from this weekend.

Sheridan Smith stars in ITV series 'No Return'. (ITV)
Sheridan Smith stars in ITV series 'No Return'. (ITV)

One viewer tweeted: "Seen more of Sheridan Smith than my family recently....."

Someone else agreed: "Feel like Sheridan Smith is a member of my family. She’s in my lounge more than my own mother these days."

A third person added: "Sheridan Smith is on the TV so much my kids are actually shouting “Auntie” at the TV screen."

The 40-year-old star welcomed her first child, Billy, in 2020 but has now thrown herself back into TV work after a break with her son.

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The actor will also feature in 'Starstruck'. (Remarkable TV)

One fan tweeted: "Sheridan Smith is the most hard working woman in Britain. She don’t stop for breath."

Someone else added: "Sheridan Smith’s agent must be raking it in!"

Another viewer wrote: "Sheridan Smith already on her third gritty drama of the year."

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One person joked: "I am convinced I am going to open my bathroom cabinet tomorrow morning & Sheridan Smith is going to be there playing a great leading lady…"

Someone else commented: "Sheridan Smith needs to book some annual leave the poor cow. She’s not been off the telly for months."

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She also starred in 'Four Lives' in January. (ITV Studios/Ben Blackall/BBC)

Her previous work has included leading roles in dramas Mrs Biggs, Cilla, The C Word and Cleaning Up, as well as starring in sitcoms Gavin & Stacey and Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps.

Viewers started to question why so many recent TV series had gone for the same lead actor.

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One person asked: "How many times a week is Sheridan Smith playing stressed out Northern mumma bear on TV may I query?"

Another viewer tweeted: "Is that another Sheridan smith series?! Are there no other actresses?!"

Sheridan Smith is a popular choice for TV casting. (Getty Images)
Sheridan Smith is a popular choice for TV casting. (Getty Images)

Someone else wrote: "Has Sheridan Smith considered going a fortnight without starring in a new drama?"

However, while she's certainly had a busy few months, plenty of people were happy to see the talented actor back on TV regularly.

One fan tweeted: "I know Sheridan Smith has been on our screens a lot so far this year, but I'm here for it. She's easily one of the best actors we've got, so if she wants to launch a new drama every week, I see no problem with that."

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