'No Shame': Neighbour fined for offensive ambulance note breaks silence in Twitter rant

Nick Reilly
Kirsty Sharman was fined £120 for writing the abusive note and leaving it on the ambulance

The woman who left a note on an ambulance that read ‘I couldn’t give a s**t’ is seemingly unrepentant after a Twitter account was established in her name.

In a series of posts on the social media site, Kirsty Sharman claims that she was ‘proud’ as she discussed threats made against her.

The latest comments came after she was fined for leaving a note on an ambulance parked on her street.

The street in Stoke-on-Trent where Kirsty Sharman placed the offensive note on an ambulance. (SWNS)
Retired engineer Brian Heath said he’s at his “wits end” over Sharman’s behaviour (SWNS)

‘Y’all going on like I hate the NHS ambulance service. Nahhh, I just hate the people in my street..it’s that simple’, one tweet from Sharman stated.

Another said: ‘Sat comfortably in my home while the press sit outside trying to catch a pic. #kirstysharman and proud to be me. #noshame.’

The account began the divisive posts on Tuesday, only hours after Sharman was slapped with an £120 fine for pleading guilty to a section 5 offence of using threatening words or heavier.

The ambulance was initially called by 66-year-old Brian Heath for his wife, Christine.


The grandfather claimed that Sharman repeatedly swore at medics as his wife was taken away.

A restraining order has been put in place to avoid any further contact.