Noel Edmonds becomes first contestant to exit I’m A Celebrity after public vote

Noel Edmonds has said he is “humbled and proud” after becoming the first contestant to leave I’m A Celebrity following a shock public vote.

Arriving unannounced in the jungle campsite, hosts Declan Donnelly and Holly Willoughby called the camp members together.

Television presenter Edmonds and EastEnders star Rita Simons were told that they faced being evicted, before Donnelly and Willoughby revealed Edmonds would be the first to go.

“Am I supposed to look disappointed?” he joked after his name was called, and the other contestants gathered to embrace him.

Speaking afterwards, he told the hosts: “I’m disappointed and relieved in equal measure and so excited that I’m going to be back with [his wife] Liz.

“Since I came in here I have said I was just going to be myself, just open and honest.

“I haven’t done anything for effect and I certainly haven’t lied.

“I’m humbled and proud to have been part of it.”

The night before, around the campfire, Edmonds had spoken of his experience on the show so far, and how he would feel if he had to leave.

He said: “It wasn’t easy coming in late, so thank you for making it as easy as you can.

“Earlier today I was reflecting on how fortunate I am in my life, and thinking about true experiences, and I wasn’t expecting this to get into the top 10 of all time.”

It comes after the group, now split into four teams, competed for immunity in Friday’s public vote.

Friday’s episode of the ITV show saw the Koalas, Underdogs, Roos and Galahs greeted in a jungle clearing by Donnelly and Willoughby, where they faced the Rancid Race.

Donnelly explained to the group: “This is your last chance to win points for your team in the immunity games.”

Noel Edmonds and Emily Atack compete for immunity from the public vote (ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

Willoughby added: “As it stands, the Roos have four points, the Koalas and Underdogs have three points and currently in last place with two points is the Galahs. Everything can change in this next event.”

The groups were challenged to down revolting concoctions like blended pig eyes and orange juice infused with blended crocodile anus.

Confident his group would not face the public vote, Nick Knowles turned to his teammates, Sair Khan and Malique Thompson-Dwyer, and said: “Winner takes all for this, I want immunity.”

In a last-minute twist the Galahs, formerly in last place, triumphed with a total of six points, winning immunity from the public vote.

In second place were the Roos with five points and in joint third the Underdogs and Koalas with three.

Donnelly announced: “So we go to a tie breaker to see who will go third and who will be in last place.”

Rangers emerged from the jungle holding glasses filled with what Donnelly described as “crap-ple juice” – a mixture of blended cockroaches, mealworms and crickets.

Torchwood star John Barrowman and presenter Edmonds were selected to compete in the tiebreaker and after Edmonds spilled the majority of his drink down his front, Barrowman was named victor.

The Underdogs would face the public vote. John Barrowman and Fleur subsequently won immunity in a cycling challenge involving buckets of bugs, mealworms and rotten fish.

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! continues on ITV.