Noel Gallagher has no idea why Guns N' Roses are headlining Glastonbury this weekend

Noel Gallagher is baffled by the booking credit:Bang Showbiz
Noel Gallagher is baffled by the booking credit:Bang Showbiz

Noel Gallagher thinks Guns N' Roses headlining Glastonbury is "crazy s***".

The former Oasis star is baffled by the decision for Axl Rose, Slash and the band to top the bill at Worthy Farm this weekend, and he thinks the slot should have gone to a top British act.

He told the Daily Star newspaper's Wired column: "What I found out Guns N' Roses are headlining Glastonbury, I thought, 'What? Are you being serious? That's crazy s***'.

"When you think of all the huge British artists who've had albums out this past year, having Guns N' Roses headlining the Saturday is mad."

As well as the 'Welcome To The Jungle' rock icons, the other headliners announced for the festival this weekend are Arctic Monkeys and Sir Elton John.

Noel - who recently released new album 'Council Skies - explained he won't be in attendance as either a performer or punter due to his scheduling.

He said: "I would have been smart to play Glastonbury this year, but I played it last year because I'd been booked to do it in 2020 and everything got pushed back.

"There's always next year to go back to Glastonbury - I'm not going anywhere.

"Because of lockdown, the band hadn't played together for ages - and touring again is joyous."

Instead, this summer Noel has decided to play a run of smaller festivals including the likes of Splendour, PennFest and Bingley Weekender.

He noted that while it's not the best move in terms of growing an audience, it does almost guarantee a "great night" in front of a receptive audience.

He added: "What I like about boutique festivals is that pretty much everyone will go to see you.

"That makes the festival more like one of our own gigs. You won't get new fans out of it, but you'll have a great night."