How Noel Radford's bakery empire and TV fame built a fortune for Britain's biggest family

-Credit: (Image: The Radford Family /Youtube)
-Credit: (Image: The Radford Family /Youtube)

The Radford family, famed for their appearance on the hit Channel 5 show '22 Kids and Counting', have certainly got their hands full with various business ventures, and patriarch Noel Radford is seeing the fruits of his labour.

Their sprawling 10-bedroom house in Morecambe, Lancashire, showcased on the series, is estimated to be valued at a whopping £975,000, nudging Noel's net worth towards the million-pound mark.

The Radford Pie Company, nestled close to their residence in Heysham, Lancashire, has been dishing out profits for years. Noel, with over 25 years of baking under his belt, helms the bakery, while Sue manages orders and quality control as the "chief taste tester".

Their daughter Chloe also contributed to the family enterprise by working at the bakery shop for five years.

Boosting their income further, the Radfords maintain a popular YouTube channel that garners thousands of views weekly, enhancing their overall net worth. With more than 370,000 subscribers and over 430 videos posted, they've built a substantial online presence, reports the Mirror.

Not to be overlooked, their Instagram account is another source of revenue, featuring numerous adverts and brand partnerships. For a single post, Noel and Sue can command up to £5,000, especially when collaborating with larger brands.

The family has publicly stated that they don't rely on any benefits and all their income is self-earned, as they don't believe in accepting government handouts.

This comes after the announcement that Sue and Noel's eighth daughter and her long-term partner are expecting. Katie and her boyfriend Connor confirmed the news on Instagram.

Noel and Sue have insisted that they do not reply on handouts from the government
Noel is a proud dad to 22 children

Katie, 21, set off a cannon in a gender reveal, announcing they will be welcoming a baby boy later this year - adding another mouth to feed for the Radfords.

Mum and grandmother Sue is often asked about how she manages to finance her large family and afford their £1m home. They already have an impressive net worth - and it's not due to any financial assistance.

In fact, the Radfords are quite self-reliant, living off the earnings from dad Noel's family bakery business, their social media platforms, and TV series. Plus, many of their children are old enough to contribute financially.

While Sue and her clan may enjoy comfortable lives, taking multiple extravagant holidays to expensive destinations like DisneyWorld in Florida, she insists they're not swimming in wealth, maintaining that the family has to budget just like everyone else.

When previously quizzed about whether their family were secretly loaded, Sue responded: "Absolutely not, we're definitely not secret millionaires. To me rich would be having the big mansion, the flash cars and quite a few hundred thousand in the bank, to me that would be rich but we are not that."

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