North Tyneside local election results 2024 in full

Labour has gained 51 out of a total of 60 seats in North Tyneside in the 'all-out' local election.

One of the biggest shocks includes the election of Labour candidate Andy Holdsworth to the St Mary's ward. The newly elected Coun Holdsworth will be the first Labour representative for the ward in 50 years.

St Mary's was always going to be an interesting one to watch and it did not disappoint. The traditionally Conservative ward is now home to one Tory, one Labour, and one independent councillor.

The political makeup of North Tyneside now stands at 51 Labour councillors, eight Tories and one independent.

Voters in North Tyneside have been going to the polls on 2024's local election day to choose their councillors.

Following boundary changes, every one of the council's 60 seats was up for grabs – rather than the usual third.

You can find all the results for every council on our dedicated local elections page here.

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Below is the full, ward by ward list of candidates in North Tyneside, which we will update with results as they are announced:

Backworth and Holystone

Alexander James Amos (Conservative) 531

Chike Anieto (Conservative) 531

Louise Amanda Bell (Labour) 1167

Nigel John Huscroft (Labour) 964

Aragorn Joe Jones (Green) 506

James Webster (Labour) 926

Labour's Louise Amanda Bell, Nigel John Huscroft and James Webster are elected.

Battle Hill

Julie Elizabeth Cruddas (Labour) 1614

Janet Ilderton (Conservative) 520

Carl John Johnson (Labour) 1427

Nick Martin (Green) 477

Steve Phillips (Labour) 1314

Labour's Julie Elizabeth Cruddas, Carl John Johnson and Steve Phillips are elected.


Steve Cox (Labour) 1111

Adam Paul Greenwold (Green) 622

Tracy Ann Hallway (Labour) 1136

Joan Isabel Walker (Labour) 999

Labour's Steve Cox, Tracy Ann Hallway and Joan Isabel Walker are elected.

Chirton and Percy Main

Stephen Patrick Bones (Conservative) 360

Chloe Fawcett Reilly (Green) 338

Michael Harrigan (Reform UK) 436

Hannah Patricia Johnson (Labour) 1079

Janet Irene Mellor (Green) 291

Rebecca O’Keefe (Labour) 1116

Charles Bruce Pickard (Labour) 896

Peter Robson (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) 209

Labour's Hannah Patricia Johnson, Rebecca O'Keefe and Charles Bruce Pickard are elected.

Cullercoats and Whitley Bay South

Ian Appleby (Green) 1204

Ken Barrie (Conservative) 884

John Hoare (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) 200

Sophie Joanna McGlinn (Green) 725

Rie Pearson (Independent) 565

Willie Samuel (Labour) 2036

Jane Shaw (Labour) 2222

Andrew James Spowart (Labour) 1730

David James Steven (Conservative) 857

Claire Emma Wedderman (Green) 742

Labour's Willie Samuel, Jane Shaw and Andrew James Spowart are elected.

Forest Hall

Deb Altman (Green) 406

John Christopher Appleby (Liberal Democrat) 411

Joshua Thomas Clark (Conservative) 393

Peter Gerard Earley (Labour) 1569

Julia Buus Florentine (Green) 289

Stuart Clark Hill (Independent) 686

Janet Hunter (Labour) 1797

Mark James Martinez (Green) 226

Joanne Marie Sharp (Labour) 1344

Labour's Peter Gerard Earley, Janet Hunter and Joanne Marie Sharp are elected.


Linda Isobel Bell (Labour) 1281

Connor Bones (Conservative) 250

John Lawrence Langford Harrison (Labour) 1273

Maureen Louise Madden (Independent) 533

Michael John Renner (Green) 322

Janice Richardson (Reform UK) 428

Matthew Brian Thirlaway (Labour) 1061

Labour's Linda Isobel Bell, John Lawrence Langford Harrison and Matthew Brian Thirlaway are elected.


Paul Bunyan (Labour) 1287

Bryan Shaun Clark (Labour) 1209

Isaac Duncan Ford (Green) 510

Pat Oliver (Labour) 1356

David Sarin (Conservative) 617

Labour's Paul Bunyan, Bryan Shaun Clark and Pat Oliver are elected.

Longbenton and Benton

Karen Anne Clark (Labour) 1615

Eddie Darke (Labour) 1445

Linda Darke (Labour) 1311

Dan George (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) 256

Fiona Gray (Green) 619

Brian Smith (Reform UK) 370

Labour’s Karen Anne Clarke, Eddie Darke and Linda Darke are elected.


Sarah Day (Labour) 1967

Thomas Dehler (Green) 473

Lee Dickson (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) 157

Davey Drummond (Labour) 2238

Vera Elliott (Liberal Democrat) 400

Stewart Thomas Hay (Conservative) 1073

Martin James Murphy (Labour) 1772

Kate Elizabeth Percival (Green) 605

Neil Oliver Percival (Green) 376

Labour’s Davey Drummond and Martin James Murphy and Conservative Stewart Thomas Hay are elected.

New York and Murton

Oskar Andrew Avery (Labour) 609

Jay Luca Bartoli (Conservative) 902

Ryan Alexander Jason Carter (Labour) 599

Peter John Martin (Labour) 616

Claire Louise McGinty (Conservative) 961

Penny Remfry (Green) 270

Olly Scargill (Conservative) 1346

Local Conservatives' Jay Luca Bartoli, Claire Louise McGinty and Olly Scargill are elected.

North Shields

Sarah Elizabeth Graham (Independent) 472

Willian George Jarrett (Workers Party) 167

Chris Johnston (Independent) 469

Frank Lott (Labour) 1245

Wendy Lott (Labour) 1316

Josephine Mudzingwa (Labour) 1289

David Charles Office (Conservative) 367

Martin Anthony Osborne (Green) 584

Charis Pollard (Liberal Democrat) 332

Adam Thewlis (Conservative) 322

Karen Marie Weech (Independent) 490

Labour’s Frank Lott, Wendy Lott and Josephine Mudzingwa are elected.

Preston with Preston Grange

Liam Adam Bones (Conservative) 1770

Cath Davis (Independent) 821

Mark Ellis (Labour) 1136

Nick Fitzsimons (Green) 498

John Joseph Johnsson (Conservative) 1557

David Wallace Lilly (Conservative) 1394

Michael Morris (Labour) 1013

Raz Razaq (Labour) 773

The Conservatives’ Liam Adam Bones, John Joseph Johnsson and David Wallace Lilly are elected.


Brian Burdis (Labour) 1380

Gordon Fletcher (Reform UK) 515

Caron Louise Kirkham (Green) 633

Roger Werner Maier (Green) 293

Tommy Mulvenna (Labour) 1189

Carole Ann Nissen (Green) 362

Kristin Dominica Nott (Labour) 1018

Brian Burdis, Tommy Mulvenna and Kristin Dominica Nott are elected.

St Mary’s

Janet Elizabeth Appleby (Liberal Democrat) 341

Trish Gargett (Conservative) 1182

Andy Holdsworth (Labour) 1373

Ian McAlpine (Conservative) 1510

Pam McIntyre (Independent) 1222

Stuart Gordon Murray (Independent) 818

Vicki Parry (Green) 403

Steven Paul Robinson (Conservative) 1179

David Charles Slater (Labour) 1232

Judith Wallace (Independent) 1320

George Crighton Westwater (Labour) 947

Labour’s Andy Holdsworth, Conservative Ian McAlpine and Independent Judith Wallace are elected.


Tom Bailey (Labour) 1757

Lewis Carlo Bartoli (Conservative) 1876

Julie Day (Labour) 1712

Daniel George Gray (Labour) 1380

Christopher Johnston (Conservative) 1688

John Robert Ord (Conservative) 1659

Helen Smith (Independent) 385

Matt Wiliams (Green) 692

Labour’s Tom Bailey and Julie Day and Conservative Lewis Carlo Bartoli are elected.

Wallsend Central

Martin Collins (Green) 590

Charlie Gray (Labour) 1267

Ian Raymond Grayson (Labour) 1233

Julia Hayward (Green) 477

Sophie Hayward-Pattison (Green) 401

Louise Dolores Marshall (Labour) 1329

Richard Oliver (Reform UK) 483

Labour's Charlie Gray, Ian Raymond Grayson and Louise Dolores Marshall are elected.

Wallsend North

Rosie Elliott (Reform UK) 571

Ian Jones (Green) 553

Jim Montague (Labour) 1358

John Graham Morley (Green) 315

Tricia Neira (Labour) 1236

Andy Newman (Labour) 1416

Allie Wilson Craw (Green) 380

Labour’s Jim Montague, Tricia Neira and Andy Newman are elected.


Heather Victoria Halliday Amos (Conservative) 784

Sarah Ellen Burtenshaw (Labour) 1426

Anthony William McMullen (Labour) 1378

Liz McMullen (Labour) 1356

Michael Andrew Newton (Green) 614

Catherine Emma Pickering (Conservative) 785

Labour's Sarah Ellen Burtenshaw, Anthony William McMullen and Liz McMullen are elected.

Whitley Bay North

Gordon Bell (Workers Party) 174

Helen MacKenzie Bell (Green) 1226

Sandra Maria Graham (Labour) 2018

Joe Kirwin (Labour) 2233

David Nisbet (Liberal Democrat) 507

John O’Shea (Labour) 2161

Richard Smithson (Green) 988

Alan Steele (Green) 1580

Labour’s Sandra Maria Graham, Joe Kirwin and John O’Shea are elected.

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