'Not welcome here!' Greenwich 'bans' Donald Trump from London borough if he comes to the UK

David Harding
The historic London borough of Greenwich (Rex)

He might be coming to London, but Donald Trump won’t be going to Greenwich on his proposed state visit to Britain.

The historic south east London borough has banned the US president from entering Greenwich, saying he ‘would not be welcome’.

Defending their decision, borough councillors criticised the trump for his recent retweets of messages from the far-right group Britain First,  and his attitude towards ‘women and ethnic minorities’ at a council meeting earlier this week.

‘On a daily basis we work hand in hand with residents from all communities to ensure this borough is a peaceful and welcoming place that celebrates difference and diversity, but in the case of President Trump we are willing to make an exception,’ said leader of the council Denise Hyland.

‘We are one of 32 London boroughs, all different, all individual but all home to people from across the world.’

President Trump could visit the UK in 2018 (Rex)

Trump could visit the UK in the new year.

But his visit – if it happens – will prove hugely controversial.

A poll this week revealed that almost half of all Britons do not want the president to visit the UK, with that figure rising to more than 60 per cent once ‘don’t knows’ are excluded.

If he does visit, it is likely President Trump will be met by huge demonstrations.

As well as the incident with Britain First, he has had a long-running spat with London mayor Sadiq Khan and has also used social media to rebuke Theresa May after he retweeted the anti-Muslim messages by the far right group.


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May and Trump met in New York in September (Rex)

In an extraordinary diplomatic spat, he told the British Prime Minister: “Theresa@theresamay, don’t focus on me, focus on the destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism that is taking place within the United Kingdom,” the US president tweeted on Wednesday evening. “We are doing just fine!”

His message though was sent to the wrong Theresa May, and was addressed to a woman who lives in Bognor with the same name as the British leader.

May and Trump have met in the US twice since they were elected as respective leaders, once at the White House and another time at the UN General Assembly meeting in New York in September.

Trump has been accused of threatening the supposed ‘special relationship’ between the two long-term allies.