Notes on chocolate: the little extras that make some white bars special

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‘Please can you cover more white chocolate,’ lamented a reader, who confessed it was the only chocolate they liked. So in the line of duty, this is what I’ve been doing this week.

Friis-Holm is a Danish make. It has an unadorned white bar, but also two with unusual inclusions (as ‘things mixed in’ are called in the world of chocolate).

The one I tried was White Yuzu 40% (£12.95, 100g), which is a classy, smooth, clean-tasting white with dried Japanese citrus pieces. I really liked this bar, the yuzu cuts through the sweetness, but also provides nibbly bits.

Inclusions aren’t overly common in white chocolate (despite this week’s lineup showing otherwise), so this was nice to see. Try also its White Nibs 40% which has cocoa nibs.

Boho’s White Chocolate with Lemon Olive Oil (£7.95, 85g) was super lemony and sweet. If you love a white bar and you love lemon, give this a try. I didn’t taste any perceptible olive oil, however.

Ocelot’s packaging is enough to make you want to buy its chocolate on its own, but here is another white with bits: whole, salted, marcona almonds, placed at military intervals and delicious in the White Almond 34% bar, (£5, 70g).

Finally, if you do like things in your white chocolate, try Omnom’s Cookies & Cream (£7.95, 60g), a bar with two massive square chocolate cookies, so big the chocolate is almost obliterated. It was all a bit sweet for me, but some testers went mad for it.

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