Nottingham bomb squad cordon leaves mum terrified as twins trapped inside

People gather at police cordon on Harrington Drive as officers deal with a suspicious package
-Credit: (Image: Nottingham Post/Joseph Connolly)

A Nottingham mum has described the "terrifying" moment she learnt her twins were trapped inside a police cordon set up as the bomb squad deals with a suspicious package. Emergency services were first called to Allington Avenue in Lenton at around 2pm today (Friday, June 28) to deal with a suspicious incident.

A bomb disposal unit was soon seen in the area and police have since confirmed that a suspicious package has been identified. Nottinghamshire Police said: "The site of this package has been established and Explosive Ordinance Disposal engineers are at the scene. People are advised to stay away from the area until further notice, while residents from Allington Avenue and the surrounding areas have been evacuated as a precaution."

Rabiah Kouser, from Aspley, had dropped her twins off with her mother on Harlaxton Drive to go to a funeral and was then unable to get back in the cordon. She said: "I'm panicking. I'm hoping it's a hoax but you don't know do you? I just want them out. Just knowing your kids and family are in there. It's terrifying."

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Ms Kouser's children are only 18 months old and her phone ran out of battery, leaving her unable to get in touch with her mum. Ms Kouser was later reunited with her twins.

Avocafé on Derby Road was still open, despite the cordon, with staff member Cam Ourabah saying: "They didn't tell us to close or ask people to leave. They just asked people who weren't in their cafe to make their way out.

"We're closing at 5 as scheduled. I gave someone a coffee over the cordon. He gave me his card and I went to tap it on the machine. The police didn't really like that.

"It's affecting business, definitely. It was quiet before but it's definitely hindered us. We've had people ringing the work phone asking us why they can't come in."

Antoniella Luongo, 90, who has lived on Allington Avenue since 1966, said: "I'd just gone back. A police officer told me we need to leave.

"But I was starving and was about to cook something to eat. She came back 10 minutes later and said I could stay, but that I'd be in danger. I'm not scared. I'm in my own home. I'm sick and I'm not allowed to go out anyway, my tablets are at home."