Nottingham bomb squad incident: Everything we know so far as people evacuated

Police cordon as officers deal with an incident on Allington Avenue
-Credit: (Image: Nottingham Post/Joseph Connolly)

Scores of Lenton residents are still in limbo after being ordered out of their houses as police officers, fire crews and the bomb squad deal with a suspicious package. Nottinghamshire Police says a package has been located, but there is no certainty on when the force's extensive cordons will be lifted.

With emergency services having been at the scene since 2pm, many are wondering whether they need to arrange alternative accommodation for the evening. Below is everything we know so far about what police initially described as a "suspicious incident".

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Where is cordoned off?

Police cordons are blocking every possible entrance to Allington Avenue, the scene of the incident. Police cordons have been spotted in place at the junction of Park Road and Willoughby Street, as well as Harrington Drive's junction with Galway Road and Rolleston Drive's junction with Galway Road.

The area being evacuated appears to stretch much further, stretching to Harlaxton Drive to the east, right on the edge of The Park estate. The evacuated area then appears to stretch towards Park Road to the south, Lenton Boulevard to the west and Derby Road to the north.

What is the incident?

Police have confirmed that they were called to reports of a suspicious package. Nottinghamshire Police said: "Cordons remain in place in Allington Avenue, Lenton, and surrounding areas while we continue to investigate a suspicious incident. Emergency services have been in attendance since around 2pm today (28 June) following a report of a suspicious package.

"The site of this package has been established and Explosive Ordinance Disposal engineers are at the scene. People are advised to stay away from the area until further notice, while residents from Allington Avenue and the surrounding areas have been evacuated as a precaution."

Do people have to leave their homes?

Many were initially choosing to stay in their homes, despite being warned by police that they could be placing themselves in danger by doing so. Reports then suggested that police went around houses again, telling people more "forcibly" that they should leave their homes.

The situation is still mixed, with reports that some people are still in their houses, even at the scene on Allington Avenue. Yet the rule appears to be that once people have left their homes and gone outside the cordon, there is no way they will be let back in.

Who is attending the incident?

Police vehicles, fire engines and a drone-equipped vehicle have all been spotted at the scene. A bomb disposal unit was also seen on Allington Avenue right from the beginning of the incident.