Novelist Gillian Flynn to host $3,399 cruise for fans of Gone Girl

Novelist Gillian Flynn to host $3,399 cruise for fans of Gone Girl

Novelist Gillian Flynn has announced a Gone Girl-themed cruise to celebrate the 10th anniversary of her blockbuster thriller.

The eight-day trip along the Danube from Budapest to Deggendorf, operated by Avalon Waterways, is set to include a book-signing with Flynn, as well as a fan Q&A event.

The author’s best-selling 2012 novel centres on a woman who goes missing, implicating her husband along the way. The book inspired a hit 2014 film adaptation starring Rosamund Pike and Ben Affleck.

Suites aboard the cruise, which sets sail on 15 September, start at $3,399 (£2,740) per person, which is branded a “killer opportunity”, according to the ship’s pun-heavy website.

In a post to Twitter, Flynn made this cryptic promise to her fans and fellow passengers: “I should add that I will be selecting both by raffle and by means and opportunity a special passenger to murder!”

In May, the New York Times best-selling author confirmed that her next book won’t be a sequel to Gone Girl, though she’s intrigued by the possibility of writing one.

"I will fully admit that, now that the child that would’ve been born 10 years ago, once that child hits 13, 14 in real time, I may indeed want to go back in and update and play around with what the hell would’ve happened once Amy was a mom," Flynn told People magazine. "Because that is the stuff of wonderful gothic nightmares, I think."

"I would say I’m a little more sure than never-say-never. I think I would be surprised if I didn’t, to be honest. But don’t hold me to it," she added.

This is the first themed-cruise for Flynn, who is entering a burgeoning celebrity-themed cruise market. Also setting sail in September is Goop at Sea, the first European cruise for fans of Gwyneth Paltrow and her wellness brand.