20 Of The Best Brexit Jokes On Twitter

A lot of people were crying after the results of last week’s EU Referendum were declared.

However, those tears of sadness for those on the Remain side have now morphed into tears of laughter.

Under the hashtag #BrexitJokes, tweeters have done the very British thing of laughing in the face of adversity - i.e. market turmoil, economic uncertainty and Parliamentary resignations.

Here are some of the best laughs that have come from Brexit…

Some people laughed in the face of financial ruin:

The aftershocks of the result proved to be good material:

Danger Mouse came up with the perfect analogy for leaving the EU:

Then there’s all those promises made during the campaign that are already falling apart:

Some people looked on the bright side:

Some tweets were funny - but oddly heartbreaking:

But when it comes down to it, everything comes back to football - especially when England go crashing out of the Euros just a few days after Brexit:

Pics: Twitter