'Now take us forward': Liverpool's message to Labour after landslide election win

We hit the streets of Liverpool to see how people are feeling after last night’s historic Labour general election victory. As all Merseyside constituencies were won by Labour candidates, it was not surprising to bump into many delighted Scousers.

Paul Kelly, from Orrell Park, was among those celebrating Labour’s success. The 49-year-old said: “I’m really pleased Labour have got in, it’s about time. Let’s hope they do what they say and take us forward and do well for us, good luck.”

Taxi driver John Joyce from Maghull said: “I’m happy Labour won the election.” However, John told us that the new government should change the rules surrounding taxi drivers from outside Liverpool working within the city.

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He said: “People come from all over the country to work in this city... We want this government to change the law so they have to work in their own boroughs, not our boroughs or anyone else's boroughs, now that’s what I want.”

Despite Labour’s success in the Merseyside, not everyone in the region is overly enthusiastic about the new government.

Matthew Quinn from Wavertree told us: “I don't feel particularly passionate about it but I'm happy there’s been a change, all my family are overjoyed and celebrating.”

Despite having won their vote, many people we spoke to still felt that Keir Starmer and his Labour Party have a lot of work to do to prove themselves.

We spoke to many people with similar views to Matthew who are happy to have seen a change of government but are still unsure about Labour’s credentials.

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