Oakley founder lists $68 million brutalist home — see inside the concrete compound that looks like a Bond villain's lair

Side by side of Oakley's founder, James Jannard's Beverly Hills cement compound.
Oakley's founder, James Jannard, listed his Beverly Hills cement compound for $68 million.Courtesy of Westside Estate Agency
  • James Jannard listed a Beverly Hills compound for $68 million shortly after his record Malibu sale.

  • The Oakley founder recently set a record with a $210 million Malibu mansion sale, surpassing Jay-Z.

  • Forbes estimates Jannard's net worth to be $1.3 billion.

Just days after making a record-breaking Malibu mansion sale for $210 million, James Jannard is back with another mammoth listing.

The sunglasses mogul, who founded Oakley, just put his Beverly Hills, California, cement compound up for sale at $68 million, as first reported by Realtor.com.

Jannard recently surpassed Jay-Z and Beyoncé to claim the title of California's most expensive home real-estate sale, and Forbes estimates his net worth at $1.3 billion.

After starting Oakley in 1975, Jannard eventually sold the company 32 years later for $2.1 billion to the Italian company Luxottica. He later founded the digital cinema camera company Red Digital Cinema before retiring in 2019.

Scroll down to check out inside the mansion.

The futuristic fortress, which spans 18,000 square feet, features five bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, and an intimidatingly giant oval courtyard.

James Jannard's listed Beverly Hills mansion's oval courtyard with two large metal doors in the middle.
The giant oval courtyard is opened by two massive metal doors.Westside Estate Agency

The property, which Jannard purchased in 2009 for $19.9 million, was originally built in 2016, according to the listing. It's in Trousdale Estates, which sits in the foothills of the Santa Monica mountains.

Trousdale Estates has housed several stars since the 1950s, including Elvis, Elton John, and Jane Fonda.

The central lounge area of James Jannard's listed Beverly Hills mansion overlooking the Los Angeles basin.
The central lounge area is centered for a full view of the pool and Los Angeles.Westside Estate Agency

Resting on one of Beverly Hills' highest points, the luxurious neighborhood offers a sweeping view of Los Angeles and easy access to Sunset Boulevard. Its average home value is about $7 million, according to Zillow.

The mansion, which took five years to finish, boasts a brutalist design with bare cement walls, aluminum ceilings and accessories, and all-metal fixtures.

Bathroom of James Jannard's listed Beverly Hills mansion.
The bathroom and appliances are all also fully metal.Westside Estate Agency

Inspired by Stonehenge, according to Wallpaper, the cavernous manor includes floor-to-ceiling windows and oversize columns. Jeff Vance, the owner of the architecture firm iDGroup, designed acoustic panels to remove echo and create a cozier living experience despite its cold appearance.

Jannard reportedly also owns property in Newport Beach, California, two islands in Fiji, and a third in the Pacific Northwest.

A gas hearth covered with a large metal hood in James Jannard's listed Beverly Hills mansion.
The living room has a gas hearth covered with a large metal hood.Westside Estate Agency

The former Oakley CEO shelled out $7 million for a Newport Beach house back in 1999, the Los Angeles Times reported. Jannard reportedly also bought an acre of land north of the area and Corona del Mar for an additional $8 million.

The kitchen is fully chrome, and nearly all the house's furniture is custom-made.

Fully chrome kitchen in James Jannard's listed Beverly Hills mansion
The fully chrome kitchen is both a shiny showstopper and fully functional.Westside Estate Agency

There is both a gourmet kitchen and a full chef's kitchen, as well as a bar, according to the listing.

Some rooms are softened by wooden floors and expansive windows and skylights for the sun to brighten.

One of the bedrooms inside James Jannard's listed Beverly Hills mansion.
The mansion has five bedrooms and 10 full bathrooms.Westside Estate Agency

The property is just under 2 acres, according to the listing, and is priced at roughly $3,700 per square foot.

Curved walls lead to the guest bedroom and a separate guest apartment.

A curved hallway leading to the master suite, where an 1880s Gatling gun is displayed, inside James Jannard's listed Beverly Hills mansion.
The curved hallway leads to the owner's suite, where an 1880s Gatling gun is displayed.Westside Estate Agency

The guest and owner's rooms flank one side of the living area, while service rooms reside on the other side for a symmetrical layout.

The central lounge area overlooks a massive infinity pool.

Outdoor infinity pool in front of James Jannard's listed Beverly Hills mansion's central lounge area.
The lounge area overlooks a large infinity pool and the entire Los Angeles basin.Westside Estate Agency

The living room has a full glass wall that can retract into the ground for an unobstructed view of the Los Angeles basin.

The light fixtures are made with tumbled aluminum, as is nearly all the seating and hardware.

An office room inside James Jannard's listed Beverly Hills mansion.
Westside Estate Agency

Some rooms have wood accents to cut through the overwhelming industrial design furniture.

The owner's bathroom includes a metal tub inscribed with a sentence written in J.R.R. Tolkien's Elvish language.

Metal bathtub inside bathroom in James Jannard's listed Beverly Hills mansion.
Westside Estate Agency

Red, Jannards second company, manufactured the digital cameras that were used to film the "Hobbit" franchise.

The concrete fort also includes a movie theater, a gym, a wine cellar, and an elevator.

Movie theatre inside James Jannard's listed Beverly Hills mansion.
The mansion's has a home theatre.Westside Estate Agency

The home theater stays on the sci-fi theme with gray lounge seats and cement blocks adorning even grayer walls.

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