Officers and Passersby Rush to Rescue Injured Driver From Burning Car Wreck

Officers from the Camden County Police Department rushed to the rescue of two men trapped in the burning wreckage of a crashed car in New Jersey on April 7, dramatic bodycam footage shows.

A car and an SUV were involved in a traffic incident on the 676 in the City of Camden, and as officers arrived on the scene, they found two men in the burning car. Two other injured men were helped from the SUV after officers forced open the doors.

Officers “shattered windows and the windshield on a car that was quickly becoming engulfed by flames and pulled two men out of and away from that vehicle moments before the flames fully overtook that vehicle,” the police department wrote in a statement on Facebook on April 20.

The men in the burning vehicle suffered “extensive burns,” police said, and were taken to hospital for treatment. Credit: Camden County Police Department via Storyful