Finally, Selling the OC season 3 has a release date

netflix's selling the oc season 3 release date speculation and news
Finally, Selling the OC s3 has a release dateNetflix

Selling Sunset really paved the way for our obsession with reality-TV-meets-real-estate shows, and we like to keep track of all of the Netflix spin-offs that come our way. Including, of course, Selling the OC, with the second season recently landing on the streaming platform.

But will Selling The OC season three happen? Here's everything we know so far about a potential follow up instalment.

Selling the OC season 3 confirmed release date

Selling the OC season one was released on 24th August 2022, before the second and third seasons were confirmed in January 2023. The second season was released on 8th September 2023.

The good news is, we now know when to expect Selling the OC season 3, with Netflix announcing the news on the 4th April. In a tweet, they wrote, "'It’s like they have a full time job trying to manipulate and twist things.'Selling the OC Season 3 premieres 3rd May!"


Is there a trailer for Selling the OC season 3?

The cast were back on our screens with the first trailer for season three being shown at the Selling Sunset season seven reunion last November. And wow there is a lot to unpack.

We get a glimpse of a feud between Austin and Sean, more million dollar deals and the breakdown of Alex Hall and Tyler Stanaland's relationship. At the end of season two after a lot of 'will they, won't they' we finally saw Alex and Tyler share a kiss in a hot tub. However, it appears things are not meant to be between the pair as the season three trailer shows Alex say to Tyler: "You swooned me and then you f**king disappeared."

netflix's selling the oc season 3 release date speculation and news

Tyler is later seen saying to Alex: "Neither of us are on the same page." However, they're then seen kissing later in the trailer. So what exactly is going on between these two? We're going to need season three to arrive very soon.

Watch the full trailer here:

When was Selling the OC season 3 confirmed?

Way back in January 2023, Jason Oppenheim - who also oversees The O Group offices in LA - revealed on Instagram, "Netflix just announced that Selling the OC will be back for two more seasons! Get ready for Selling the OC seasons 2 and 3 and Selling Sunset seasons 6 and 7. They like to keep me busy… here we go!"


Selling the OC season 3 cast

Fans can assume Selling the OC's third season will feature many of the same faces as the first and second season - aka the real estate agents who work at The O Group office in Orange County. Those include:

  • Brett and Jason Oppenheim

  • Alexandra Jarvis

  • Alexandra Rose

  • Alex Hall

  • Polly Brindle

  • Lauren Brito

  • Kayla Cardona

  • Brandi Marshall

  • Sean Palmieri

  • Tyler Stanaland

  • Austin Victoria

  • Gio Helou

  • Ali Harper

netflix's selling the oc season 3 release date speculation and news

Following the release of season two Tyler Stanaland announced he was leaving the Oppenheim Group to go and work at his father's brokerage, however, it appears Selling The OC season three was filmed before he'd made this decision, so we can expect to see him in the upcoming season.

What will happen in Selling the OC season 3?

Now that the trailer for season three has been released, we know a lot of the upcoming season will focus on the breakdown of Tyler and Alex's relationship, with the pair seen having disagreements in the trailer.

We're also expecting to see a feud emerge between Sean and some other the agents most notably Austin, who are seen having tense words outside the Oppenheim Group office.

Alex Hall and newcomer Ali are also seen getting into a disagreement, Gio says he's been "betrayed" by someone and Kayla is hoping to secure the biggest deal for the Oppenheim Group. Will we have another Davina $75million home on our hands? We can't wait to see.

Selling the OC seasons one and two are streaming on Netflix

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