Ola and James Jordan say mum and dad bods have ruined their sex life

Ola and James Jordan say weight gain has ruined their sex life. (Getty Images)
Ola and James Jordan say weight gain has ruined their sex life. (Getty Images)

Ola and James Jordan have said that their mum and dad bod weight gain has ruined their sex life as their stomachs are getting in the way of romance.

The former Strictly Come Dancing pros were known for being super fit thanks to their careers performing demanding routines, but surprised fans recently by revealing their body transformations in an Instagram photo by their pool at home.

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Ola has gained 3.5 stone and James has put on 5 stone, but the pair said they were hoping to get back in shape to improve their health, and for the good of their two-year-old daughter Ella.

However, the extra weight has also impacted on their love life as Ola, 39, told The Sun: “The sex life is definitely different, if not worse, because we are so fat and don’t want to move after a bag of crisps and a Chinese.

“The bellies get in the way of us when it comes to sex. And I’m a bit heavy now. It’s not as exciting.”

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James, 44, added: “Sex is definitely not better with the mum and dad bods. I can’t throw her about any more like I am used to doing.”

The couple said that they had been eating more and moving less because of lockdown, grieving for James' father, becoming parents and James giving up smoking.

Ola Jordan and James Jordan attend the red carpet launch for
Ola and James Jordan in their Strictly Come Dancing days. (WireImage)

Controversially, James also admitted to finding his wife more attractive at her former weight of 8 stone, saying that he doesn't think men should lie to their partners about how they look.

He said: “If she asked me, ‘Thinner or ­bigger?’ I would say thinner. Does it make me a bad person? If it does, then I’m sorry but I think it makes me honest.

Ola hit back at her husband going from 11 stone to 16 stone too, though as she compared him to the "fitties" on Love Island and said "would I love it if he was fit again? Well, yeah".

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