Ola Jordan reveals James had a girlfriend when they met

While Strictly star Ola Jordan busies herself taking endless showers in the I’m A Celebrity camp, her tell-all autobiography is making sure she continues to rack up the tabloid column inches.

Ola and James Jordan/PA Images
Ola and James Jordan/PA Images

This week it’s been revealed that her husband James Jordan had a long-term girlfriend when the pair first met. Ooer!

Telling the Sunday People about the first time she ever clapped eyes on her future husband, Ola said: “He was tall and very good-looking, with slicked black-back black hair and piercing blue eyes. His dancing was amazing.

“His partner was Polish, and when I watched them dance together I was filled with just one thought: ‘I want to have a partner like that one day.’

“At one point during the competition I actually got introduced to this tall, dark stranger, very fleetingly. ‘Hello’, he smiled. And then he was gone.”

“The brief meeting stuck in my mind. I thought this guy would be incredible. I would really like a partner like him one day, I thought, but he was well out of my league.”

Later she received a phonecall out of the blue – from none other than James’s girlfriend. “To my amazement, the girl explained that she was the dance partner of the English dancer I’d seen and admired in Blackpool,” Ola continues.

Ola and James Jordan/PA Photos
Ola and James Jordan/PA Photos

“His name was James Jordan, and it seemed that each of them had decided to look for another partner, in order to progress further. ‘James would like to come to Poland and have a trial with you,’ the girl explained.”

“As well as being James’s dance partner, the girl who had phoned me was also his girlfriend.”

34-year-old Ola says she didn’t have any feelings for James initially: “It didn’t bother me that he had a girlfriend. I was four and a half years younger than James and never considered for one moment that he could possibly be interested in a girl like me, not in that way.

“He was spoken for and was very renowned in the dance world, and I felt young and inexperienced by comparison.

“Nevertheless, when I saw James walk through arrivals at the airport my heart skipped a beat.”

Ola left Poland and moved into a shared house with James’s parents. As they grew closer, his relationship with his girlfriend became more strained.

Ola Jordan/ITV
Ola Jordan/ITV

“One evening, he turned up to practice looking very upset, worse than I’d ever seen him. He had finally broken up with his girlfriend, and his eyes were red from crying.”

James and Ola eventually hooked up when James had a fit of jealous rage (Grrrr!) when she’d gone to the cinema with a fellow ballroom dancer named Christian.

Returning to their hotel after a night out with fellow dancer Christian, Ola was met by the furious ballroom star, who was struggling to contain his feelings. He demanded to know where she had been.

“As soon as I said Christian’s name James completely snapped. He was standing beside his bed, and he was suddenly in such a temper that he flipped it up with both his hands. It crashed down right in front of me.

“We both stared at each other and then at the bed, which was messed up and wedged at an angle between us.”

“We gazed at each other, and then we looked again at the bed between us. It needed remaking, but we both had the same thought at the same time: ‘We can make it afterwards’.”

How very romantic.