Ollie Locke releasing second children's book The Faraway Adventures of Henry Bogget

Ollie and his husband Gareth credit:Bang Showbiz
Ollie and his husband Gareth credit:Bang Showbiz

Former 'Made In Chelsea' star Ollie Locke is releasing his second children's book.

The 35-year-old television personality has penned ‘The Faraway Adventures of Henry Bogget’, which is about a young boy who discovers a magical secret in London.

The synopsis for the book reads: "Henry Bogget is an ordinary boy of just eight years old, and Henry has a secret. A secret that has been kept for many, many years. A secret about magic in London…

"In England, whenever someone changes the world and leaves their mark on history, a little round blue plaque is placed on the house where they once lived to make sure they can never be forgotten. With every discovery made, artwork painted or song written, a little trace of very powerful magic, an enchantment, is left behind.

One night, not too long ago, Henry discovered this secret and his life changed forever. An adventure beyond his wildest dreams was about to begin."

Ollie and his husband Gareth - whose 2020 marriage was watched by 3.5 million people on 'Made In Chelsea' - have been trying to become parents and in the past year they have had two rounds of IVF, but sadly they remain unsuccessful. They have decided to share the whole process on-screen and with their social media following.

They are currently lobbying for legal change to make it easier for same sex couples to have a family and are about to go for their third round in their journey, and Ollie admits writing his new book has been "therapeutic" for him.

He said: "There’s nothing more important to me than sharing the joys of fatherhood with Gareth. We’ve gone through two rounds of IVF and though they haven’t been successful, we’re absolutely determined to meet our child and will keep going until that happens. We’ll also keep fighting for other same-sex couples as we lobby for change - there are just too many roadblocks put up in our paths toward parenthood and it isn’t right. Gareth and I are resolved to change that.

"Writing children’s books, including my first bestseller, ‘The Island of Fandye’, is hugely therapeutic as we go through this journey. I love hearing from parents about how their little ones were captivated by the stories and kept asking for one more page at bedtime. It makes me even more excited to share Henry and his adventures with the world.”

‘The Faraway Adventures of Henry Bogget’ will be released on April 25th, 2023.