‘No, I’m good, I’m 25’: Simone Biles offered colouring book on flight home from Washington

Simone Biles  (AP)
Simone Biles (AP)

Simone Biles, one of the world’s most decorated gymnasts who has seven Olympic gold medals to her name, was mistaken for a child on a recent flight - and even offered a colouring book.

The 25-year-old became the youngest recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Thursday 7 July, presented to her by President Joe Biden.

But on her flight home from picking up the award in Washington, DC, Biles reported that a flight attendant gravely miscalculated her age.

“Not the flight attendant trying to give me a colouring book when I board…” she wrote on her Instagram stories.

“I said ‘no I’m good, I’m 25.’”

The athlete is just 1.42m tall - just under 4ft 7in - which could be how the confusion arose.

Thankfully, another member of cabin crew offered Biles a more adult treat.

“The other flight attendant gave me a mimosa so we’re in the clear.”

However, even then she was asked if she was old enough to drink it when it was brought over.

Fans saw the funny side of the flight attendant’s mistake.

YouTuber Matt Bernstein tweeted: “I’m crying at the thought of a flight attendant giving Simone Biles, the most decorated gymnast in history, a colouring book because she is 4’8.”

It follows the gymnast responding with the perfect comeback to former Trump campaign lawyer, Jenna Ellis, who called her a “loser” on social media.

In response to Biles receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Ellis tweeted: “Fittingly, Biden awarded his presidential medals to fellow losers, Biles and Rapinoe.”

To which Biles replied: “Who is Jenna Ellis? Asking for everyone.”

Podcast host Fred Wellman also went in to bat for the athlete, writing: “Simone Biles won 19 World Championship Golds, 4 Olympic Golds and is the most decorated gymnast in US history.

“Megan Rapinoe won 2 World Cups, an Olympic Gold and was named Best Player in the World in 2019. You lost 63 lawsuits and got farted on by Rudy Giuliani.”