One of city's most ruthless gangs toppled by Costco frozen crispy duck

Vincent Coggins
Vincent Coggins -Credit:NWROCU

One of Merseyside's most powerful gangs was toppled by a pack of frozen crispy duck from Costco.

The organised crime group led by Vincent and Francis Coggins involved the trafficking of hundreds of kilograms of class A drugs worth millions of pounds across the country. The Huyton brothers also plotted a ruthless vendetta of violence after a raid on their stash house by rival gangsters saw them lose in the region of £1million of illicit substances.

A series of court cases heard over the past four years have been subject to a media blackout until today, following the conclusion of proceedings against co-conspirator Edward Jarvis. Messages exchanged by the Coggins brothers and their associates over encrypted communications platform EncroChat can therefore now be detailed, having been aired during a number of trials and sentencing hearings.

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Conversations revealed after the network was infiltrated the French police during 2020 managed to identify Vincent as the user of the handle “MoonlitBoat”, while Francis was said to have gone by the usernames “TallCanine” and “MixedJet”. Paul Fitzsimmons was linked to the account “NorthKnee” after naming his mum and children during discussions with associates, while Dean Burrows was found to be “OliveScooter” as he had given his home address out and others had referred to him by his first name.

Similarly, Darren Tierney was referred to as “Dazz” by others while using the handle “ScalpStaff”. The user also detailed how he drove a Citroen Berlingo, a van insured in his name at his sister’s address and in which he had been stopped by the police previously, and informed contacts of when his birthday was.

A whole stack of evidence saw Jarvis unmasked as “SoftHerb”, who mentioned the names of his children and grandchildren to his contacts. Paul Woodford, using “KingWasp”, also referred to him as “Jarvo” while another handle, “MexicanNova”, referenced his daughter.

Jarvis’ communications meanwhile saw him send both “DestructiveTailor” and “FrostyBoom” the postcode for his address on Breckside Park. He told the latter: “I’ll wait for you in road, fat, baldy head, just drive in car park.”

One telling string of messages on May 11 2020 also identified both him and Vincent Coggins. Their handles messaged one another about visiting Costco that day, after which Jarvis’ personal mobile phone connected to a mast covering the wholesale store.

Around the same time, Coggins’ Costco membership was used to complete two separate transactions - each for a pack of frozen crispy aromatic duck. Shortly after 7pm, their two Encro phones began communicating again to “discuss the cooking instructions for the duck they had bought” and whether their purchase could be “cooked from frozen or not”.

Coggins also wished Jarvis many happy returns on his birthday and asked if his son-in-law, who was the director of a plumbing and heating firm, could visit him in order to drain his radiators. Jarvis meanwhile sent his boss a picture of himself enjoying the sunshine in his back garden, after which Coggins replied “haha, looks like u on a beach” before making reference to his partner.

Vincent Coggins, aged 58 and of Woodpecker Close in West Derby, 58-year-old Paul Woodford, of Marl Road in Kirkby, and 48-year-old Michael Earle, of Wallace Drive in Huyton, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply class A drugs and conspiracy to commit blackmail. They were imprisoned for 28 years, 28-and-a-half years and 11 years respectively.

Dean Borrows, aged 39 and of Ledson Grove in Aughton, 46-year-old Darren Tierney, of Chatham Street in Stockport, 60-year-old Paul Fitzsimmons, of Birch Tree Court in West Derby, admitted conspiracy to supply cocaine and heroin. They were handed respective terms 14 years and three months, 12 years and nine months and 12-and-a-half years.

Kevin Rimmer, of Blacklow Brow in Huyton, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply heroin. The 57-year-old was locked up for 16 years.

Paul Glynn, of Croxdale Road West in West Derby, admitted conspiracy to supply cocaine. The 59-year-old was given 11 years and two months.

Edward Jarvis, of Breckside Park in Anfield, was found guilty of conspiracy to supply class A drugs and blackmail. The 59-year-old will be sentenced at a later date.

Francis Coggins has not yet been apprehended but is wanted by the North West Regional Organised Crime Unit. He is believed to be abroad in Europe.

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