One of these K-beauty jelly packs sells every minute globally, and it just launched in the UK

Chloe Street

From sheet masks and essences to cushion pads and even snail mucus, South Korea’s myriad beauty innovations have rocked the industry.

In fact, K-beauty has become so diversified and overexposed that beauty insiders are beginning to turn, once again, to Japan for their premium skincare.

And given the market has become flooded with SoKo’s more gimmicky products (snail mucus cream? Face masks that bubble anyone?), we don’t blame them.

Yet when we hear of a K-beauty product that sells one unit globally every 60 seconds, our interest is piqued.

J. One Jelly Pack

One of US beauty giant Sephora’s bestselling products, J.One's Jelly Pack dropped in the UK this week, and is available in Selfridges and on and

Korean actress Jiwon Ha created the multitasking product in order to condense her morning skin care ritual, and it’s since developed a cult following amongst celebrities and Korean beauty disciples.

It is in fact so popular that when it featured on a Korean shopping channel, the Jelly Pack sold 5 million units over just 3 shows.

So what's so special about it?

It's gel formula (which liquefies on contact with the skin) contains fragmented hyaluronic acid which penetrates deep into the skin layers, reducing the visibility of lines and maximising elasticity. It also contains powerful antioxidant called Fullerine (whose discovery in 1996 was awarded a Nobel Prize), which provides protection from everyday environmental pollution. Collagen-boosting peptides meanwhile increase the skin’s natural collagen production, boosting firmness and bounce.

The product can be used alone or under makeup, and the sister formula – Black Jelly Pack – is a wonderful overnight mask treatment containing black truffle, black cumin, black pearl and black propolis to hydrate and smooth.

If you’re searching for taut, dewy skin that holds onto makeup - who isn’t? – this simple, effective jelly could be well-worth adding to your morning routine.

J. One Jelly Pack, £32. Available at Selfridges and Cult Beauty.