The One Show's Alex Jones says 'this is so cringe' as Roman Kemp digs out video of 'secret' role

Alex Jones and Roman Kemp sat on a sofa
No, don't show it! -Credit:BBC

Alex Jones was tamping on The One Show as co-host Roman Kemp wound her up about some old footage from the BBC archives. The Ammanford-born presenter was cringing over a 13-year-old clip of herself from that year's Eurovision Song Contest and asked if the footage could be "burned."

Revelling in teasing his co-host Roman set up the clip by revealing that Friday's guest Graham Norton would be announcing the UK's spokesman for the Eurovision Grand Final, which takes place on Saturday, May 11, and said: ""This person will be following in the footsteps of some legends: Catherine Tate, Nigella Lawson, Bucks Fizz legend Cheryl Baker, and you," he added referring to Alex, who immediately started to protest to the video playing.

"I had no idea about this," said Roman, and the Welsh presenter interjected, sounding decidedly miffed: "It was a long time ago."

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But Roman continued his ribbing of Alex. "This was secret that was kept from me but, luckily, you'll be pleased to know I've got the footage [from] – 2011. Look at you there!"

Alex Jones on Eurovision 2011
Alex in 2011 - not sure why she's so embarrassed?

Alex begged: "No, please don't show this," as the tape rolled and the clip from Eurovision 2011 was played, showing Alex as the points presenter for the UK that year when it was her job to announce that we had given Jedward's entry a full 12 points. Roman added: "You're part of Eurovision history."

An unimpressed Alex moaned: "This is so cringe," and when the clip was all over asked: "Can we just burn this now?"

In 2011 Alex also joined the line-up of celebrities on Strictly Come Dancing and at that point she had already been host of The One Show for a year. Since then she's not really been off our TV screens. Earlier this week Alex opened up about her childhood shyness while talking to Hollywood star, Rebel Wilson.

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