One simple lifestyle change ‘could help men beat erectile dysfunction’

Rob Waugh
It doesn’t have to be like this (Getty)

A new study has suggested that a simple lifestyle change could help men beat erectile dysfunction without relying on any blue diamond-shaped pills.

Researchers from the University of Southern Denmark reviewed studies over the course of 10 years where men with erectile dysfunction were given professional help to do exercise.

The researchers found that in many cases, simply starting to do exercise can help men achieve erections (and in some cases get rid of erectile dysfunction altogether).

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The researchers say that 23 per cent of physically inactive men and roughly 23 to 40 per cent of men with obesity suffer from erectile dysfunction.

The researchers write, ‘Forty minutes of physical activity, four times a week is likely to improve erectile function

‘We saw that physical activity of moderate to high intensity for 40 minutes, 4 times a week, over a period of 6 months resulted in an improvement or even a normalisation of the test person’s erectile function.’

‘Following six months of physical activity, men who had not been able to masturbate or have intercourse for a long time were able to resume sexual activity.’

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