Online prankster forced to pay out over £50,000 compensation after kicking random woman for viral video

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer

This is the moment a prankster kung-fu kicked a random woman in the back of her legs to make her fall over for a viral video – that ended up costing him thousands.

The incident happened in February 2015 in the Diagonal Mar area of Barcelona in Spain when Mario Garcia Montealegre decided to film a ‘practical joke’ on an innocent bystander on the street with a friend.

In the footage, the 24-year-old is seen counting down with his fingers before running up to the unsuspecting 48-year-old woman on the street.

Mario Garcia Montealegre kicked the woman to the ground for an online ‘prank’ (CEN)
The woman has been paid over £50,000 in compensation for the incident (CEN)

Approaching from behind, Montealegre kicks her hard on her left calf, forcing the woman to twist awkwardly as she falls to the ground.

She then shrieks and looks back at the giggling video-makers shouting: ‘A***hole.’

The woman suffered minor injuries to her left knee and wrist, as well as cervical pain which kept her on sick leave for 75 days.


Catalan police force Mossos d’Esquadra released footage of the video too try and track down Montealegre before he handed himself in to police.

Now, three years after the incident, Montealegre has been ordered to pay £52,500 to the woman in compensation.

Prosecutors had originally demanded nearly £40,000 in damages, but the defendant wanted to demonstrate his willingness to make amends.