Only those with 20/20 vision can spot the strawberry with the missing stem

A mass of strawberries
-Credit: (Image: VSO)

Brainteasers often call for innovative thinking and the capacity to tackle problems from various perspectives. A good number of brainteasers hinge on memory recall and pattern recognition, aiding in enhancing short-term and long-term memory.

One such challenging brainteaser by VSO dares you to identify the strawberry without a stem. It's thought that only those with perfect vision can spot the odd strawberry out, reports the Express.

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So, roll up your sleeves and get searching. Indulging in puzzles and brainteasers can be a calming and pleasurable pastime, offering a mental respite from daily pressures.

The critical thinking and logical reasoning abilities honed through brainteasers can be utilised in everyday decision-making and problem-solving. So, have you managed to find it yet? If not, we've revealed the answer in the image below.

Solution to strawberry puzzle
Did you find it? -Credit:VSO

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