Open-world action favorite Just Cause is getting a movie from The Fall Guy producers, and I already want the most ridiculous parachute stunts ever put to film


The infamously ridiculous open-world action game series Just Cause is once again attempting to make its way to the big screen, this time courtesy of The Fall Guy producers Kelly McCormick and David Leitch.

The Just Cause film will be led by Blue Beetle director Ángel Manuel Soto, according to The Hollywood Reporter. McCormick and Leitch will produce through 87North as part of a first-look deal with Universal. Producers also include Dmitri M. Johnson, Mike Goldberg and Timothy I. Stevenson of Story Kitchen, which has also been involved with the modern Sonic the Hedgehog adaptations.

Just Cause launched in 2006, featuring the adventures of Rico Rodriguez, an agent sent to a fictional island nation to take down a local dictator. The three sequels that followed all featured similar setups, and the entire franchise is more known for its absurd open-world action than its story. The game series, developed by Avalanche Studios, is famed for its big explosions and creative tools like grappling hooks and paragliders that let you take on missions how you want. Personally, I think any excuse to put more cool parachute stunts on the big screen is a good one.

A Just Cause film has been in our list of upcoming video game movies for ages, with previous iterations including John Wick creator Derek Kolstad as writer and producer, as well as directors ranging from Atlas's Brad Peyton to Stuber's Michael Dowse. At one point, Jason Momoa was even attached for the role of Rico Rodriguez. Whether this new iteration of the movie fares better than previous attempts remains to be seen.

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