OPINION - Talking Point: Is enough being done to improve cycle safety in London?

The hostile road layout beside King’s Cross station (London Cycling Campaign)
The hostile road layout beside King’s Cross station (London Cycling Campaign)

The London Cycling Campaign hosted a meeting in Parliament on Tuesday (November 15), where they noted 22 junctions in the capital that were “so hostile” that they pose a threat to riders.

Of the junctions highlighted, Holborn, King’s Cross, and the Shoreditch ‘triangle’ were named the most dangerous in London.

Across the 22 junctions that the campaign group has identified for urgent action, 47 cyclists have been killed and 198 have been seriously injured in the past 10 years.

Simon Munk, campaigns manager of the LCC, said: “We’re asking for urgent action right now, at three major junction clusters: King’s Cross, Shoreditch Triangle, and Holborn.

“We’re also tracking a much longer list of junctions that are dangerous and known to be for years, decades even, to ensure politicians and officers act to fix them quickly.

“We need local businesses and stakeholders to take an active role in improving their local areas for staff, visitors, and residents.”

The CEO of the group, Dr Ashok Sinha, added: “We must fix these junctions, not just to save lives, but to also help people be more active by cycling and walking more, reducing air pollution and carbon emissions.”

Transport for London said that it would be spending around £150m a year to make walking and cycling safer, and would limit more roads to 20mph.

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