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Bath accessories on a yellow and green background
Morning ablutions got you down? Organize that bathroom! (Photos: Amazon, Walmart)

As designer and founder of Burrow & Nest Design Studio, I offer organization as one of my services, always keeping in mind that storage and efficiency are a top priority when creating a space for my clients. If your bathroom is a tangle of bottles, tubes and wires, don't fret. I've curated a number of items below that will declutter your precious counter space and tub ledge — and keep you from knocking everything over like a pile of Jenga blocks.

So take a breath, and then take a look at these great finds that will ease your stress and won't break the bank.

Shower Caddy Basket Shelf with Hooks

Black shower caddy with bottles and toothbrushes
Store it all on the wall. (Photo: Amazon)

With over 23,000 positive reviews, you can count on this Wall Mounted Caddy Organizer to stick around when you need it. I love it in this sharp black, but it also comes in a brushed nickel finish, so it will blend with whatever hardware your bath boasts. It's made of rust-proof stainless steel, and the open bottom allows water to drain so it won't mold or hold puddles. The kicker— this adhesive, which raters rave stays put, can be removed with the heat of a hairdryer. No drilling into tile and no holes when you want to move it to another wall. That makes it great for renters, serial redecorators and dorm rooms. It holds 20 pounds, which should support more than your array of shampoo bottles, plus hooks for loofahs, sponges and squeegees. Consider it for your kitchen, too. Devote it to spices, oils and vinegars. Or use it to hold cleansers, sponges, and hand brooms. And right now it's $8 off, so you might want to pick up a couple.

This five star reviewer says, "I bought a similar product at a local brick and mortar box store. It came with both suction cups AND adhesive. It would only stay on the wall if I left it empty. Kind of not the purpose, right? This was exactly what I was looking for and it has not budged since I put it in place... I followed the directions and let the adhesive sit for 24 hours before actually using the caddy. That thing is on there GOOD!!! ... It's attractive, space-efficient, and there are S hooks to hang your loofahs or doo dads... Priced right (half the price of the one from the box store), attractive, stays in place, zero complaints!"

$22 $30 at Amazon

Better Homes & Gardens Bamboo Caddy Tray for Bathtubs with Book/Tablet Prop

Bamboo tub caddy with wine glass, book and soap on it, over the tub
Walmart, take me away... (Photo: Walmart)

If you're a connoisseur of baths, I highly recommend this tub caddy. Firstly, I love that it's made of natural, sustainable bamboo. It extends up to 41", so even your giant soaking tub can benefit from this bath buddy. What makes this one unique, is its highly functional design. It's not just a basket to hold the soap, no ma'am. It's designed for what really matters— your kindle and a glass of wine. Prop your book or tablet without fear of it hitting the water. And that wine glass has a little alcove to slide the stem right in place. It's brilliant, I tell you. Plus you can save $7 on this beautiful and clever bathtime accouterment.

This relaxed reviewer says, "I really like this tub caddy. It works great and, as you can see in the pics, it even extends out far enough to fit across our giant tub. There is also a grip-type material attached to the underside at the very end of the arms. This does an excellent job at keeping the tray rock solid and keeping you from spilling whatever is on the tray in the water. I use it for my Chromebook, phone and something to drink. Works great and makes the bath a much better experience. Five stars."

$27 $35 at Walmart

Foaming Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser

Silver hand soap dispenser with foaming soap in a hand.
Foam lasts longer. (Photo: Walmart)

This automatic foaming soap dispenser is what you need to keep germs at bay. The foaming dispenser uses a technology that's more sensitive so that you can get those filthy paws clean within 0.2 seconds. Compared with liquid soap, foam soap saves water and product, lasting you up to three months without adding more. The clever little window allows you to see when you're low on soap and a blinking yellow light alerts you when you need to change the four AAA batteries (not included). For only $17 (was $50) you can grab one for the kitchen and one for the bath.

This happy grandpa says, "Very handy to have a touchless soap dispenser, especially these days. This also is a favorite with my grandkids who love the 'magic'. The dispenser is stylish and looks good on the countertop."

$17 $50 at Walmart

Wood Soap Dish - 2 Pack

Two wooden soap dishes with a bar of soap
The natural materials of this soap dish blend with your decor. (Photo: Walmart)

Another natural choice, this pair of soap dishes, on sale for just $9, are made of real pine that's coated in a non-toxic waterproof finish. The wood prevents those slippery little bars from jumping ship, and the slats allow water to drain, keeping your bar dry and lasting longer. I love an environmentally friendly product — and you should too. Bar soap is better for the environment, forgoing the plastic bottles and ridding of too much packaging. Pair it with Dr. Bronner's soap on sale for less than $4 - it will clean your face, bod and hair!

Says another earth-friendly buyer, "I love things that are made from natural materials. These soap dishes were the perfect addition to our newly remodeled bathroom. Arrived on time, have been using these for last 3 months without any issue. The finish looks the same. Very happy with the purchase."

$9 for pair $20 at Walmart

Gold Octopus Toilet Paper Holder

Gold octopus statue with long tentacle holding toilet paper roll
Have a laugh in the loo. (Photo: Amazon)

The bathroom is the perfect place for a touch of whimsy, and this handmade Gold Cast Iron Metal Standing Octopus is the quintessential quirk that will put a smile on your face every time you use the WC.

Measuring 17” tall x 4” wide, this little novelty will hold 3 rolls of paper and can be placed handily right beside the bowl. Keep it stocked and it can replace your TP holder altogether. I love this Octopus for a seaside retreat, but if you're not into coastal creatures there are other fun animals available, from felines to amphibians. Cast iron in a rustic gold finish makes this look like a treasure found at an antique shop, rather than online for only $40.

$40 $45 at Amazon

Mesh Net Shower Caddy for Bathtub Toys

Toddler putting a toy into a net pocket for storing toys on a tile wall
No more tripping on rubber toys in the tub. (Photo: Amazon)

If you've got little ones in your life, you need this caddy, pronto. This epic Baby Bath Toy Holder will keep those plastic fishies, froggies and fuzzy creatures where they belong — out of the tub and stored neatly along the wall. This 14 x 20" net with numerous pockets will keep baby's shampoos, soaps, and toys all neat and tidy. The mesh design allows everything to drain right back into the tub, so no mildew and mold will grow amongst your child's precious toys. Bonus — it's on sale for ten bucks (was $13)!

This thrilled user says, "Love this toy holder! We used the suction cups (it also comes with adhesives) on our shower surround... This thing doesn't budge and all of our toys get to air dry instead of becoming gross in the tub or extra bin. The pockets are the perfect size for various items. The top ones are big enough to hold large plastic cups (we use for rinsing our kids' hair). They would also withstand the weight of shampoo bottles. Worth the price. If you've been annoyed by others or are buying your first one, get this one!"

$10 $13 at Amazon

iDesign Small Clear Under-sink Shelf

metal legs and clear plastic top shelf on white ground
Stack your way to organization. (Photo: Bed Bath & Beyond)

If your bathroom vanity is a gaping abyss with no shelves, as most are, then you need to grab a few of these stackable clear shelves. No more piling your soaps, extra toothpaste, beauty products and toilet paper in one giant heap. Everything can have its place and be easily seen and accessed with a few thoughtfully placed shelves. These shelves stack, so you can create not one, but two levels of organization. Pair with some small basket-style containers that slide out so you can bring things up to the counter to search for just the right shade of lipstick or that elusive dental floss. Only $10 each if you're a member at Bed Bath & Beyond.

This happy reviewer says, "This little shelf is great for creating additional space on a shelf that gives height instead of width when you have things that don’t easily stack. I’m using it in a cabinet I bought to store linens, beauty products and my home fragrance items."

$10 $13 at Bed Bath & Beyond

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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