Quiz! Which film won the Best Picture Oscar from these 4 nominees?

Do you know which films took top prize at the Academy Awards?
Do you know which films took top prize at the Academy Awards?

The Oscar for Best Picture has always been a bit of a wild card.

Critics are often able to predict who will win the Best Performance and Best Director roles, but then a different movie is named the Best Film.

Memorable moments from Academy Award ceremonies gone by usually centre around a person's speech. We all remember Gwyneth Paltrow blubbing when she won Best Actress for Shakespeare In Love, Joaquin Phoenix becoming a rapper, and Jennifer Lawrence tripping over the stage.

But the moment when the whole cast and crew troop up to fill the stage right at the end of the night, when we're all tired and have perhaps had a bit too much fizz to drink... apart from a few shock years, it doesn't stand out in the memory so much.

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Film critics can spend the whole award season analysing the results and attempting to predict who will win Best Picture and still get it wrong. So can you still remember the films who were actually won the award throughout history?

Find out if you deserve an Academy Award for being a Best Film buff.

Take this 15 question multiple-choice quiz and put your Oscar-winning knowledge to the test.

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