'Outnumbered' kids reunite - here's how they look now

The cast of Outnumbered Tyger Drew-Honey, Hugh Dennis, Ramona Marquez, Daniel Roche and Claire Skinner with their award for Situation Comedy, backstage at the National Television Awards 2012 at the Greenwich Arena London.
The cast of Outnumbered in 2012. (PA)

BBC sitcom Outnumbered might have featured Hugh Dennis and Claire Skinner as its lead actors, but fans knew the real stars of the show were the three kids who played their children.

Viewers fell in love with cute and funny scenes from the trio of young actors over five seasons, and now thy've shared a grown-up reunion photo showing them in their 20s.

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Ramona Marquez, Daniel Roche and Tyger Drew-Honey played Karen, Ben and Jake from 2007 to 2014 (and in a Christmas special in 2016), first appearing as small children in the comedy about family life in south London.

Marquez is now 21, Roche 22 and Drew-Honey 26, and it looks like they're still good friends as over the weekend Drew-Honey shared photos of them together on Instagram captioned: "Family. #grateful"

The Outnumbered stars might be all grown up now, but they haven't ruled out a return to the show.

Drew-Honey previously said: "[Show creator] Andy Hamilton has mentioned a few times that he’d love to, every couple of years, or every year, do some sort of Outnumbered special because we hope that everyone would still be interested in finding out how we’re all getting on."

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And Dennis said in an interview: "I don't know. I wouldn't be at all surprised if there was another special at some point.

(l-r) Daniel Roche, Ramona Marquez and Tyger Drew-Honey from Outnumbered arriving for the 2011 National Television Awards at the O2 Arena, London.
The trio have stayed close friends. (PA)

"As I've said before, kids don't leave home until they're about 35, so we can... we've got years. Years and years."

The sitcom's children aren't the only stars of the show to have stayed close - Dennis and Skinner, who played mum and dad Pete and Sue, have been in a relationship in real life since 2017 although they kept it secret to begin with.

Sharing the news with Mail on Sunday in 2018, Dennis said: "I am very, very happy, we are so very happy."

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