Owner of Taylor Swift's favourite London kebab shop says Joe Alwyn is still a regular

The owner of Taylor Swift's favourite kebab shop has shed some light about the pop star's takeaway habits. Kentish Delight in Kentish Town is known to have been one of the legend's favourite spots when she lived in the area with ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

The 700-square-foot kebab shop has seen a surge in fans making a pilgrimage to the takeaway, further boosted after Taylor shot a music video, End Game with Ed Sheeran and Future, there.

Ahmed Khan, 55, owner of Kentish Delight, told MyLondon that Taylor's signature order was a chicken doner with garlic mayo and heaps of salad.

When asked whether Joe Alwyn still comes by, Ahmed said: “Him and I are friends, and we stay in touch – but he only orders online. He’s a busy man for sure.”

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Joe and Taylor were in a relationship for over six years, and Ahmed says he would often see them in his takeaway during this time. Though when we asked about their relationship, he simply raised his eyebrows and said he hadn’t seen Taylor since the breakup.

“I hope she’ll come in with her new boyfriend, but I’m yet to see it – one can only hope," he said, referring to Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs.

When asked if he had Taylor’s number, he chuckled and declined to comment.

Kentish Delight has hit been hit by another wave of attention after reports surfaced that Taylor's manager recently placed a reported £450 kebab order.

However, Ahmed said this was not true and explained that the order was mistake – the real order came under less than £100 and was for about 10 people, with the average large kebab coming to about £9.70, and a small, £7.90.

On the attention from the public and the media, Ahmed was in high spirits, despite expressing his exhaustion at the media attention: “ ITV and the BBC called me earlier today – it’s been none stop.”

When MyLondon arrived, the business owner was being asked to do TikTok interviews and sing along to Taylor’s songs – he said that all he wants to do keep his business going and doesn’t want any Swiftiemania getting in the way.

You can visit Kentish Delight on 381 Kentish Town Rd, NW5 2TJ.